Cloud Editing corrupts any union made in it

A few days ago, I posted a thread about a union suddenly becoming corrupted. And there was no reason for it to be.
(Weird Union bug - #3 by Partcline)

Just some minutes ago @Patrickblox and I were both discussing something in cloud edit while I was working on a cog wheel union. After I finished it, he left, I exit Cloud mode and return to the normal Edit mode.

I select the union and all of a sudden, Seperating it was impossible; the button didnt do anything.
Pressing negate will show this message:

If you wanna take a look at this pretty but corrupted union, have a copy:

I wont be using Cloud Edit as long as it breaks unions.

Another thing: I save & exit the studio with the corrupted union still being there and then re-opening it again.
The corrupted union is now gone, nowhere to be found.

Yeah, the staff know about this. They’re still working on CSG in cloud edit. I assume the problem is that ChildData doesn’t replicate in cloud edit, and never has in any place to begin with, so they still have to develop that functionality.

Great to know.
Can there be update threads like this regarding multiplayer studio?
I feel like there should be because I’ve been creating these unions that get corrupted everytime.

There is one – you must have missed it Cloud Edit Beta (Multi Build Studio) Available for Beta Users

Haven’t missed it at all. I mean frequent updates on the multiplayer studio so we know what works and what not.