Cmdr: A fully extensible and type safe command console for Roblox Developers

I’ve used CMDR for a while, thank you for open sourcing this it’s so useful and handy!


Why is RoStrap stuck on loading screen?

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RoStrap’s plugin no longer works. You can download the Cmdr file from Github to install it instead.


Are there any basic commands prebuilt in the cmd bar or is it just a solid cmd bar for devs to tweak?

it comes with built in commands, but you have to load them using Cmdr:RegisterDefaultCommands()

Haha, thanks for helping me with Cmdr.
I found this on my Youtube recommended, and I watched it a bunch of times.
Then I became a member and now I am back at the Cmdr Post.
and I found ur reply

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I think you were supposed to put the client script in starterplayerscripts.

How would you make custom commands such as add a tag or add a record?

Learn how to code lua.
Then I would suggest reading up on the cmdr docs.
Try and create a simple command that says “Hi”
Slowly go advanced,
thats how i did it lol

Cmdr Post


So, In my code I am trying to make a command with wonderful Cmdr, but I don’t have access to their discord.
This is the only reasonable place to put this post on anyways, since this is roblox related. However I am concerned if people on the devforums know little about cmdr.
I understand if this will be flagged, as I am very terrible at categorizing topics.

Back to the topic,
I was making a command that will check the specified player’s status.
If they are staff, banned, and so on.
However, the command was running on client side, so I had to use remoteFunction/
I want to return, the return from the remotefunction onto the command if that makes sense.
Here is my code
Narrowed the code down to prevent guests from stealing it.

			local LOL = "something"
			local Players = game:GetService("Players");
			local DataStore = game:GetService("DataStoreService");
			local e = game.ReplicatedStorage.eventcontainer.checkFunction:InvokeServer(playerId)
			return e 

Super smooth to set up, huge thanks for this.

I have noticed however that AutoExec for aliases does not seem to be working? Built in aliases defined using AutoExec in command definitions don’t appear valid, nor are my custom defined ones.

E.g. mine

AutoExec = {
		"alias \"day|Set the time to permanent day.\" time noon";
		"alias \"night|Set the time to permanent night.\" time midnight";
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Ok, So. I added it, It works. BUT is there a way to resctrict it for certain Group and ranks?

Use a BeforeRun hook to check if the player has a certain rank in a group using

Do you know if there is any tutorial vid for it?

There is a few just search up “how to set up cmdr roblox” or something like that and they’ll show up

Shouldn’t a boolean be an enum and parsed into a boolean value?

How do I make it so you can open it on mobile?

local CmdrClient = require(ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("CmdrClient"))

	if text:lower() == "cmdr" then

I forgot to say it, but i figured it out. I mashed it with TopbarPlus actually.

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How do I set a players permissions?