Cmdr: A fully extensible and type safe command console for Roblox Developers

Is it possible to use your own UI with this? I want to make a computer terminal that uses this.

Yes, Cmdr provides functions you can call to trigger commands.

Hey all, I have run into a little situation where I need to get some extra data from a command.

I looked at the documentation and saw that you can add extra data, but the issue is the fact it looks like it’s only for the client.

I need to add extra data to the command itself. (ex: Can I just put a Data table underneath the Args table and that works?)

Is there a way I can do this that I missed?

It will but you will need to modify it in the Server script of the command (Only for osme commands)

I actually figured out how to pull off what I wanted, for anyone else that needs to do the same in the future, here’s what I did:

In the module itself, there’s a folder called Shared. You want to open that up, and look for a module named Registry.

Open that, and go to line 8, you should see a variable called CommandMethods. All you have to do is add the extra command data you want here (In my case a boolean called IsLogged)

When you’ve done this, you can now go back to your custom command (Or any command, really)
and add that custom data!

Should we use this in 2024? Cmdr isn’t being well-maintained, and, as useful as it is, it’s overly complicated. Just setting it up takes a few minutes of going back-and-forth through the documentation. Why can’t it be simpler?

I think it would be a good idea to create a modern alternative to it. Creating a fork would be too much of a hassle, as it would require re-interpreting the source code. So, maybe build it from the ground up.



Cmdr is being well maintained

This is the “modern alternative” to a command console.

It was built to be extremely robust. It is made by one of the top programmers on this platform (The same person who created the promise module). It is used by many top games like Jailbreak. The learning curve is slightly steep but it is worth it to just power through it because in the end you will have a very powerful command console that is useful in pretty much any game you make.

I’d argue it’s not.

Don’t get me wrong, Cmdr is cool and all, but it’s pretty much falling behind. It doesn’t even have strict-typing. In 2024.

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Oh, well it works well for me. I didn’t see any major issues on the github either.

How would I turn this into a surface GUI and use it as a computer screen?

Why would you want to? is the real question.

So… if it works for you doesn’t mean it does for everyone else

wow so profound

So I can make a computer terminal, so players can execute commands on a computer.

@evaera There’s an issue so everytime you press the keybind to open, it does not check GameProcessedEvent so it uses the keybind even if you chat.

Same goes for when you are, for instance writing a ban message or server message, it also closes the panel.

This post was made on September of 2018.
I was wondering since it is 2024 is CMDR still a good “command console/admin” in 2024?
Please let me know with your thoughts politely by replying. :slight_smile:

It most definitely is! Even in 2024, it’s still one of the most customizable command systems out there. I’d daresay there’s nothing else like it.

If anyone else can find anything even remotely similar, I would love to be sent the links so I can check them out myself.


How in the world, do i give people perms to certain commands?

Yes and no, it’s good as a starting point for recoding an admin system that you like and for you, but the source code could be improved and be more “up to date.” Honestly, I would suggest and pull request some new features, but I’ve been blocked from doing that (not explaining why).

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