Cmdr Return Problem

So, In my code I am trying to make a command with wonderful Cmdr, but I don’t have access to their discord.
This is the only reasonable place to put this post on anyways, since this is roblox related. However I am concerned if people on the devforums know little about cmdr.
I understand if this will be flagged, as I am very terrible at categorizing topics.

Back to the topic,
I was making a command that will check the specified player’s status.
If they are staff, banned, and so on.
However, the command was running on client side, so I had to use remoteFunction/
I want to return, the return from the remotefunction onto the command if that makes sense.
Here is my code
Narrowed the code down to prevent guests from stealing it.

			local LOL = "something"
			local Players = game:GetService("Players");
			local DataStore = game:GetService("DataStoreService");
			local e = game.ReplicatedStorage.eventcontainer.checkFunction:InvokeServer(playerId)
			return e 

uh, anyone there?
I’d appreciate a response

The code looks good to me, but I have no context since I don’t use Cmdr. There are very few people on here that help out, even fewer if any that have experience with cmdr.

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i guess im kinda screwed then.
thanks for the info

Make sure e is a RemoteFunction. It’s very easy to get mixed up with RemoteFunctions and RemoteEvents.

The difference is RemoteFunctions, like functions, can have a return value. They are called using :InvokeServer. RemoteEvents cannot have a return value and they are called with :FireServer.

Other than that, your code seems fine. If this isn’t the case, could you please explain a little bit of of Cmdr?

i am not very good at explaining things!
is it helpful if i link the docs and u read all of it?

Why don’t you just post your issue here

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good idea lol
thanbks for the suggestion