Coco Bean Cafe [Interview Host Guide]

Coco Bean Cafe Interview Guide

Before starting this guide, make sure you’ve posted your session on the group shout and Discord server.

Hello and welcome to Coco Bean Cafe Interviews. My name is (your user) and I will be your session host for today.

Before we start, please note that you can use the application centre if you do not want to wait for an interview.

The server will be locked shortly. If you happen to lose connection at any time during the interviews, please contact me on dizzy.


I will now read to you the rules that you must follow in order to get ranked to Trainee. Directly after these interviews, we will be hosting trainings which will give you the chance to obtain the rank, Intern.

  1. Be respectful to all staff and players that are inside of CBC’s facilities. Inappropriate behaviour in other games is also absolutely not tolerated here. You are representing us!

  2. Please do not argue or fight if you happen to fail today’s interviews. Remember: we want you to pass!

  3. If you are looking for a promotion, my number one piece of advice would be to work. If you work more, a HR is more likely to notice your efforts and promote you. Please do not hint, though as that will make it less likely that you receive one.

  4. Hackers and Trollers only get I warning. After that warning, if they continue to troll/hack, contact a HR immediately. I suggest joining our Dizzy server which can be found on the group page.

Each staff member will bring you into an office where they will ask you some questions. To pass, make sure to use correct grammar and answer it to the best of your abilities and to elaborate!

Please wait here, you may talk to the people around you as you wait.

Interviewers, use this guide for interviewing people:
Coco Bean Cafe [Interview Question Guide]

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