Coco Bean Cafe [Interview Question Guide]

Coco Bean Cafe Interview Questions

Interviewers, use this guide to help you interview.

[annotated parts will be shown like this; do NOT announce these parts as they are just notes for you, the interviewer]

Choose a specific player and ask them to follow you into an office. Make sure to answer any questions they might have. If you are having an issues, contact the Host.

Please ask them the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to work at CBC? (Elaborate)
  2. Why should we hire you over others? (This is where you want to mention your past experience at other groups and skills)
  3. What is your goal in working at CBC? (We want to see your potential. Elaborate on why you are aiming for these goals and what you will do if you ever achieve them)
  4. Describe yourself in a few words. (We want to see if you are café-material. Answer this question to the best of your ability and elaborate on why you chose these words)

Please correct these sentences:

  1. W3lc0me to cbc h0w c4n I help u!
  2. s0rry please r3peat that!!!
  3. W0w. ur cl0th3s lo0k prettie coo1.

Once you have all the answers decide whether or not the person you’re interviewing passed. Did they use good grammar? We’re their responses detailed enough? Were they friendly?

Pass: Congratulations! You have passed today’s interviews. Make sure to head to the Training Centre soon for a chance to be an Intern.

Promote the person to Trainee or ask a HR to do it for you then refresh them

Fail: Unfortunately you have failed today’s interviews. But there is always next time! Make sure to join our Dizzy server for updates about when our next interviews are.

Kick the failed guest