Collaborating with WEstudios - Policy

Hello! So you want to contribute to WEstudios! Here are some rules.

Last updated: 9/28/2020


We will not pay or use assets that are found free models, Lack of quality, not complete, or if they have viruses. All other assets will be paid and used for.

Roblox Studio Usage

Programming and Building with WEstudios
  • Studio is restricted to developers only. If you want to rank up to developer, you must show WEstudios that you can be trusted.
Art for WEstudios
  • We may understand that you need to enter studio for images. Studio is normally restricted to developers. We will ask you what you want to use for making the asset, and we will create a replica for you.
Music for WEstudios
  • There is no excuse for entering studio for our games. You may request access if you don’t have access yet.


There will be gurantitude pay for all WEstudios asset if used inside game. If you do not recieve pay but the asset is inside the game, contact someome with the Owner, Developer, or Co-Owner rank.

We like paying with robux. In some occasions, we may pay with USD.


As long as you create the asset, you are free to sue, lawsuit, or DMCA other Roblox companies and outdoor companies if they use the asset without WEstudios or your approval.

WEstudios ownership:

As long as we pay you, we have the rights to use the WEstudios asset. As long as the asset is in-game, we will credit you. You may not sue, lawsuit, or DMCA WEstudios if we pay you for the asset

Thanks for reading! Hope you contrubite! To contrubite if we need help, please contact @WEcompany or @littlepiggy_ojo.