CollectionService vs Loops Which Is Better And In What Situations?

So I’m working on a project where I have numerous objects in a folder that can all be interacted with. In a LocalScript, I’m using RunService.RenderStepped to constantly do a check with every object to see if the LocalPlayer’s character is within range of any of the interactable objects. I was at first planning on just doing a loop but then I heard about CollectionService and wondered if that would be better performance-wise.

Should I use CollectionService:GetTagged(“Interactable”) or a simple loop. I just discovered CollectionService recently and only used it once so I don’t know much about it.

CollectionService is always the best option. The loops can cause big performance problems if the object count is so high and a loop may have some delay depending on the server lag, the client, etc…

A while ago I made a tutorial about CollectionService if you desire to check It out.

Obviously I’m not saying that the loops shouldn’t be used, they can be useful and necessary in many situations, but this is not the case.


Thank you for the advice! I’ll make sure to read through your tutorial.