Collision Particles (Phaze 2)

Collision Particles Phase 2

Hello! I am Domderp999. The creator of Collision Particles. And this ladies and gentlemen, is Phase 2 of Collision Particles. If you haven’t seen the first Collision Particles Topic, go and see it in the blue text above.

What are Collision Particles?

Collision Particles are just what they sound like. Collidable #particles. These particles can Collide with ALL objects. (Including Players.) Collidable Particles have a REALLY good hitbox as well. They can collide with meshes, and they have their own physics system.

Why Phase 2?

I created Phase 2 of RD Particles, because in the First Phase… I felt the particles were really limited. I felt I couldn’t really play around with them very much. I felt limited to what I could do. Which Is why Im calling this phase, “Phase 2 : Unlimited Possibility.”

Whats New?

Phase 2 Includes a LOT more than the Particle System from phase 1. A List of the new features are below:

  • Custom Light Sources emitting from Particles
  • Custom Images
  • Toggleable Length System. (Toggleable Trails)
  • Custom Size
  • Custom Gravity Amount (How much gravity takes effect on it)
  • more …
    As you can see, Phase 2 has LOTS of new features, and lots of potential.

How to get it

You will pay 2 thousand robux. Add me on discord for it: DomDerpRBLX#6273


Spark Particles

Fire Particles

Explosion Particles

Rocket Thrust Particles

Tree Leaves Particles

And those are just a FEW examples of what the particle system’s limits are. (To prove that the particles arent in unity or another game engine, this is the game : Particle Showcase - Roblox)


Why won’t you have it public? You might as well make it payed access.

there are requirements. I want to talk to the people to make sure they meet the requirements.

This to me makes no sense, why develop a system and only make it available to some (basically random people) in the community. If you don’t wanna make it free, it could be paid access.


I have a bunch of requirements that aren’t really on the fourm. And I dont want it to be paid to everyone, because if some random person gets it, they can redistribute it. I want to talk to the people who will get it before they get it so I can tell if they are trustworthy. However, I do see where you are coming from. :slight_smile:

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Redistribution will happen regardless, it does with any software. No matter who you trust, someone will transfer it to someone else. You’re better off making it public (whether it be open-source or paid access), so that your software gets popular, not a ripped version.


Why do you need “Requirements” on a community resource? No matter what, everything on Roblox will be stolen, games have been stolen by exploiters, clothes has been stolen, free models have been stolen. There isn’t a way to fully protect something, even if you trust someone they can make it a free model and that one will get more support and attention than yours as itsokayepic has said. Cool particles though.


No offence to OP but this isn’t novel at all. I’ve seen people do the exact same thing. Keeping it locked from the public doesn’t do much.


If I release it its going to costs more than 1k for sure… I don’t want it used everywhere. What do you think is a fair price?

If you don’t want people using it, don’t release it. It only makes sense to have everyone use it or have no one use it.


Name a fair price for this item

How about you let him decide what he wants to do with his product lol

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What are the requirements to use this product?

  • at least 2 year account age. (To Prevent newer Roblox Studio users from abusing this product / not knowing how to even use it)
  • at least 1 Public Game. (So I can tell they at least have experience with roblox studio.)
    Name a fair price. I might put it on sale

If you want this to be used by higher end studios or experienced developers you should put it above 4k.

I have decided to make it a plugin. And I have decided the price shall be 5k Robux for the Plugin.

5 Thousand Robux for this. It better be good then.

Judging by the effects we first see it’s probably gonna be good.

Even 1 year is a good while for developers. I know people who’ve been building for 4 months and they build better than me. I would change it to one month.

Personally, I don’t think this is worth 5k, it isn’t extremely hard to replicate it.