Collision Particles

Collision Particles

Hello! I am Domderp999. Developer on the #roblox community. When I first started in Roblox, I remember learning the particle system. Keep In mind I was moving from Unity over to Roblox. And when I first started experimenting with Roblox’s #particle system, I must say I was really dissapointed. For multiple reasons. Here are most of them:

  1. Particles don’t have a Collision Option
  2. Particles don’t have the ability to change shape through their lifetime.
  3. Particles don’t come with sound.

All of those reasons, are why I started learning how to script. Oh, and also I really love the idea of creating awesome #games, so I thought I would do a little bit of both. And today Is the day I am proud to announce, “RD Particles.” RD Particles is going to be a major project for the future, and I plan to release it in maybe a month. Since I don’t want it to have everybody’s hands on it, i’m only giving certain people the System to test out. You can message me on the Developer Forums., or you can add me on Discord : Ŝ̶̟i̴͍̋l̵̩͛v̴́͜e̶̯͝r̴̛͇?̷͎͑#6273

About The Particles

The Particles already have a few solved issues that I saw with the current Roblox System. These particles have Collision. Collision is a feature wanted by many of my friends and other Roblox Developers I have conversated with. RD Particles, do have collision.

RD Particles have Mid - Air changing shape. The Shape of the particle changes dependent on how fast its going, its gravitational pull, and more. Below is a video of the particles in motion.

How to get them

You can get the Particles by simply messaging me on as I said, The Forums, or on Discord. There are a few limitations.

  1. Must be over the age of 13 To use. (To Prevent irresponsible behavior with the Particles, stealing, re-selling, ect)
  2. Must have at least 1 game coded/builded.
  3. Must ensure that you will enjoy the particle :smile:


This is only Stage 1 of RD Particles. There will be 5 Stages to RD Particles. The First stage, is this one. (Colliding Particles, Speed Changes)

Important to Note

The Particles will be released for a day only. This means that the Particles will only be on sale for a day. 11/7/2020 to be specific. And as always, you can ask to test the particles on my Discord or messaging my on the Developer Forums. Thank you!


I would add this to #resources

How will you know this?

Does a showcase count?

I bet everyone will enjoy this amazing asset.

Showcases do count. Your all good if you add me or message me. We can work things out and you can get the system. :slight_smile:


How do you even do irresponsible behavior with them, I know plenty of 13+ people who would do that behavior probably so that is invalid and some people just don’t have the motivation to make a full game.

Besides my issues with your requirements, I am interested but I don’t have a game.

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Irresponsible behavior?? It’s literally just a particle.


Didn’t really get this either. If you’re offering this up, why not let <13 use it? What can be done with a particle?

Cool. I can’t wait to use these.

The DevForum requires you to be 13+ to use so I’d say that’s a decent indicator.


It could be you. It could be me. It could even be - Badcc.

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You have to be 13+. Not below 13, Did you mistake it as you have to be below 13?

Selling the particle, using it for other liquids that arent supposed to be on roblox, claiming the particle as theirs, ect.

People do that regardless of their age and no, I understood it was 13+.
Can you dm me and let me try it though, it seems cool.

Domderp999#6273 Add me on discord. F A S T

Domderp999 legit told people in his discord server that he is 12.


This is really amazing! I’d love to test it out, but you seem to have your discord account changed. :S

His new name is: “Error Code 303 OMK #6273”… Sorta a teaser for his new game.

@ItsODRJR is correct. Add me at : Error Code 303 OMK#6273

Hi! It appears your discord tag has been updated. Could I get your new details as I am very interested in purchasing this.

Hope to hear from you soon-thanks.

heres a more easily configurable one that you dont have to pay for.


You have never used my particle system. While checking out the bounce particles, they do seem like a free particle system. However, my system is WAY more customizable.