Colors in the output window

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to use more than 4 colors in the output window, these being:

  • the default color (black in studio, white on the developer console) with print()
  • orange with warn() or game.TestService.Warn()
  • red with error() or game.TestService.Error()
  • blue with game.TestService.Message()

*Keep in mind that when using the test service, everything sent with it will start with “Test Service:”

It would be very useful to be able to print things in any color we wished (if not just for fun) so that we could organize data and be more efficient when looking at output data, such as being able to see what something is from a color and not having to read a label next to it.
This would be extremely useful when printing things which are connected to an event in runservice, like debugging a camera so that you could tell exactly what values were coming from where if you were printing, say 3 at a time.

There are 2 ways this could be implemented into studio:

  • adding a global function like “printWithColor()” where the first argument would be a Color3 value and everything after would act the same as print()
  • adding more global functions in the style of warn() and error() to display more colors

The first one would be optimal, but either would be nice.


Yesss I would love this! At the time being I label my output prints with emojis.


This would be awesome!

I’d like to see it implemented like this:


Type: Color3

Type: Bool

Type: string

I think the ability to bold important output would be very useful.


instead of having multiple arguments, maybe a table with values like color, bold, italics, etc would work better


Tell me about :roll_eyes:

But this would be really neat even just a couple extra colors would be great to use.


It would be amazing if we had this: ANSI escape code - Wikipedia

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I prefix routine output from certain scripts with [TAGS] but this is an eyesore and a pain to update if I ever rename scripts or move code. It would be great if I could color code some of my output to differentiate e.g. moderation info, boot/setup info, normal runtime info, debug info, etc.

Why is this still not a thing yet?!

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Bump, again. I am using [TAGS] to sort my output right now and it is horrible and slow.
Just something simple like colors would boost my productivity so much being able to make sense of my console output faster.
There are of course workarounds to aid with this already but none of them would even compare to colors or literally any form of alternative formatting, please fix.

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I would be inclined to agree that we need some better output customization, just to make it easier to develop giant projects. Sometimes I print things as simple comments, sometimes I print system-important messages, sometimes I just want to be able to more accurately label things I’d consider a warning/error. But either way colors are useful - even if limited, but i see no reason to not have greater control.