Colosseum build

This is the build with Voxel.

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Is there an entrance, and also could I get a pic from inside?

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There’s currently no interior or entrance, but like I said whilst replying to BlueViolet7’s comment, I’m waiting on a reply from the person who hired me before I make a start on the interior, as I’m not quite sure whether or not they want one, and if they do, how they want it done.

Slate is horrible for some cases, in this case slate wouldn’t be a bad idea since it’s an old styled build, concrete simply does not say old and doesn’t match it, at least another texture would do better than concrete.

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I understand by old style but slate makes everything look like something from Roblox in 2009 not ancient Rome.

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I like the building but you can add way more detail other than the lines.

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From what I can see, there are less shadows in the picture with Voxel, making it easier to see. The thing is, Shadowmap looks more realistic. You should use what you want, but keep in mind that night is an option too. If you set the time to 00:00:00, it will become dark. Or, you can add PointLights around the places where it’s harder to see. The game Flood Escape 2 uses shadowmap to make it’s maps realistic. However, PointLights are added to help with seeing.

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The person who hired me will most likely just CRTL+C CRTL+V this build, as I’m pretty sure they’re using it in a map, which makes my lighting choices useful for nothing but my own pleasure.

Well, with features like AvatarEvolution slate would look amazing as it would be kind of 3d looking, or at least in my opinion, I do understand though.

If you don’t know what AvatarEvolution is here’s an article. This includes SurfaceAppearances, which make textures very realistic.

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If the players can’t see, it ruins the fun of the entire game. I really recommend PointLights, but you can do whatever floats your boat.

Edit: I should have realized that you could just turn the CastShadow off in the “Problem Areas”. Again, you can do what you want, I’m just saying…

Again, I’m just making the Colosseum itself, the person who hired me will tweak their own lighting in whatever game they’re making.

I see. Well in that case they can do what they want, I just like to make my builds easy to see/navigate.

Not really… It seems pretty good to me

If you’re the/a builder, then why is that? Is it because the Lighting settings will affect the entire game?

I think a Colosseum definitely needs an interior.

The Colosseum looks nice with the material that was chosen for the whole structure, and the design of it looks good!

The one with lighting fits the most with the Colosseum and I would chose that over the one without lighting as it seems boring and bland.

Overall, it’s a nice build and I have no other suggestions, nice work! :+1:

Like @TheBasicNoobOfBasics said, it might be a bit harder to see in some spots.

They’ll just be taking the model itself by copy+pasting.

Wow, amazing! Fantastic lighting! I cannot even think of any improvements, the build is just amazing! :open_mouth: It looks very realistic!

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Thank you, although there are many facets of the build that I could improve upon!