Combing textures into one big texture for a model

How can I combine textures into one entire texture for a 3d model?
Since it’s only one model it would need to fit all the textures into it and since Roblox keeps making my models gray I can only think of making a texture with all the other textures for the model.
So far I have looked into other posts on this issue and it still hasn’t solved the issue.
So how can I fix this?

Is your model comprised of only one mesh? or multiple meshes? Its hard to help if not all needed information is given.

It’s only comprised with one mesh

I’m not understanding… I am not sure it is possible to have more than one texture for a mesh XD… What exactly is your problem?

Sorry it’s my first dev forum post but basically the issue was every time i inserted the blender model into roblox studio it would be gray instead of the textures i had put it in place. So i thought of an alternate solution by just using all the textures it came with it into one texture to use for the mesh.

You have to upload the texture as a decal. and then put the decal id as the texture in the properties tab. This is very basic roblox studio things.

But the model came with many textures and its just one mesh. So i have like five textures for one mesh that can only hold one texture.

Like eyes texture, hat texture etc for the mesh.

Are all of the textures different images? Or are some black and white or weird colors? Also is the file a .obj or something else?

Fbx since i heard roblox only supports it.

And also it has many textures.

This thread might help

Other than that, I cannot help you.

You don’t have to upload the texture as a decal, you only need to use Blender to ‘bake’ the various textures into one.