[COMMISSIONS OPEN] Experienced GFX Artist And Animator!

About Me

Hello! My name is PixfuI and I am a GFX artist who has been making GFX for about 2 years. I use Blender and Roblox to make my GFX. I am also able to add any kind of text to your GFX! If you would like me to do a commission for you, please contact me on Discord. If you do not know what a commission is, it is kinda like a example, but you pay for it. I definitely explained that horribly but if anyone can explain it any better, please tell me. Thanks!

Normal GFX

Avatar Renders


Only 1 example because I do not make banners often.



I am available almost every day and I am able to get most projects completed in 1 day, or less. Contact me at any time!


Regular GFX: 100 :robux:
Avatar Renders: 20 :robux:
Banners: 90 :robux:
Animation: 300 :robux: - 600 :robux: (Depends on how long/detailed you want the animation to be.)


Prices are negotiable, I accept group funds or t-shirt (You must pay Roblox tax). My preferred payment method is group funds.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or on Discord: Pixfui#6666

Thanks for reading!


The render quality is amazing. The 1st gfx I noticed the glasses are a bit off.

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Thanks for the feedback! I render all my gfx at at least 1000 resolution!

Dont working

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Try this!! 𝙥𝙞𝙭#8526 hope that works