I was thinking about doing like model comms but idek how the work, I only worked on a game before never done comms.
Like how do you give the model and how do you get paid without group funds(? Jwjdhdjskjcjdndjf

Please comment something I need help TwT

You give them the model by simply creating a new model or exporting a place as a .rbxl file, then handing the file to them. Without group funds, there are many options like T-Shirts or gamepasses, which ROBLOX removes 30 percent the revenue earned. Or you can just use PayPal.

I would recommend looking over some threads about Commissions and how people do it in a way.

I’ll post some links to some Commissions below for help with you making one as well!
To give a model, you would want to give the person the link of it and then make sure the player who got the model has got it, then make it offsale, don’t know anything about funds.

Hoped it helped!

Hoped those links can inspire you and how commissions look.

Thank you for the help I appreciate it :slight_smile: