[Closed] Commissioning a builder for an intermission lobby!


My game (currently unnamed) is a simulation of hurricane force winds. The player exists in a small town with a few small neighborhoods, a store, a health clinic, a park, and a weather station. Everything is destructible, and buildings made of various materials will start to break down depending on how powerful the winds are. Debris and flooding can kill the players.

I have a functioning demo of it, but it really is just a demo right now so it’s not very efficient and the map isn’t very impressive. The world does not regenerate inbetween rounds yet; my plan is to have players sent to the lobby when they die, when they rejoin, or when it’s time to regenerate the map.



About The Job

I’m looking for a tropical-themed lobby that players can explore and socialize in. Ideally, the lobby would have a main gathering place around the center, a few rooms that the players can explore, an upper floor (doesn’t need to be big), and maybe an outdoors area or an underground area. I’d like for it to be furnished and decorated, but it doesn’t need to be scripted.

The lobby will be where players spawn when they join, and players will be able to spectate while in it. If a round is in progress, players will be able to enter the world from the lobby unless the world is currently flooded.

I’m not expecting the lobby’s building style to look anything like my own. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to have the main map recreated by someone else (I don’t know if I can afford to yet), but ideally the lobby should look nicer than the map I’ve built. I’m not looking for an exact style - it can be whatever you’re most comfortable making. It doesn’t matter whether it’s low-poly, detailed, etc, just as long as it looks nice and it’s fun to be in.

Before being hired, I would like to see a couple of things you’ve created in the past so I can get an idea of what your style is like. If you’re hired, I’ll have you work on it on your own Roblox Studio map rather than my place, so I won’t have access to it unless I follow through with the deal and pay for it.


I’m still a relatively new and small developer, so I don’t make a lot of Robux, but I’m willing to pay roughly R$10,000. If necessary, I’m willing to pay up to R$15,000. I know that’s a big range, so we’ll agree on a price before starting any work.

Time frame

There’s no hard limit on how long it can take you, but I would prefer that it takes less than 31 days, so roughly four weeks. If you can, please send some screenshots of the development every few days.


My preferred method of contact is via Discord, but if you’re interested, please respond here on the Developer Forum first and I’ll DM you my contact information.

Thanks for reading! :happy3:

Update: I am no longer hiring for this position. Thank you to everyone who contacted me! I received some very impressive portfolios!


@ItsCandelz has good builds, maybe he will reply

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I am interested, here is my portfolio: ItsByskyWrecker portfolio [Open For Commissions]

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I am interested please dm the contact info.

I am very interested, I am a builder and translator, my discord is =Nicolas DEV#4794

And image1

I would interested in working for you. Here is my portfolio:Asset Modeler for Hire [Taking Commissions] [OPEN]

im interested

Hey man! Here’s my portfolio! Thegamerplane's Portfolio

DM me on Discord! : ✿ andrew xo ✿#7496

Thank you! :roblox:

yo i’m interessed my discord is :Orinthian Playz#4556

Interested here is my portfolio:

Hey, I’m interested in fulfilling this position for you.

Here is my portfolio: Junozy - Builder - Portfolio

I’m very interested in this, please DM me your discord details to add you or add me instead so I can show you some of my works :slight_smile:

Discord: chemist#5129

Interested dm me in discord: ZeXelDev#8308

I’m Interested I sent a dm to you on discord im :milky_way:Galaxyy :milky_way:#0001

Wow, this seems like a great opportunity!

Thank you all for your interest! I wasn’t expecting to get this many responses, but I think I may have found someone who can help me with the lobby! It was hard to choose, but I may reach out to some of you in the future if I ever need help with other tasks!


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