[OPEN] [125K & NEGOTIABLE] Commissioning a builder for RoStreams!


Untitled-1Hey fellow devs! Ventrix is currently looking to commission a builder for RoStreams - further detailed information can be found below.


Ventrix is an upcoming game development Studio. We’re currently looking to commission a builder to rebuild the map of RoStreams, our major project.

About The Team:
@ofyderpman - Project founder & lead
@CherryLeaves - Programmer

Currently, the entire map was built about a year ago by myself and help from fellow friends. The current map lacks necessary detail in certain sections, and the style necessarily isn’t what would be best for the game.

We are looking for a mid-poly style, similar to @TrustMeImRussian’s builds - below are some screenshots of the current map:




Car Dealership

Builder will be responsible to build the following, but not limited to:
• Spawn
• Bloxbuy
• Apartments
• Car Dealership
• Grocery Store
• Bloxcon
• Restaurant
• Fishing Area
• House plots
Apartment unit
4 House Tiers
PC’s, headsets, microphones, mouses, webcams, keyboards, monitors
Builds of the current map will be provided for inspiration, among with reference pictures.

We plan on releasing sometime in the summer, roughly 5 months from now. There is no set
and stressed deadline, but it is expected that you move at a fairly decent pace.
Although, we require daily progress on the map, and close communication among each other.

Payment is 125,000 Robux, but is negotiable.


Further information regarding the game idea will be provided to the builder. A summarized concept of the game is provided below:

RoStreams, a realistic streamers life type of game. Players stream to receive donations from their fans and with the money acquired, they are able to purchase things such as better streaming equipment, houses/apartments, groceries, cars, furniture, etc.

You can contact us here on DevForums or via Twitter or Discord.

Please provide your portfolio or showcase when applying for this task.

Twitter - https://twitter.com/OfyFTW
Discord - OfyFTW#1526

Thanks for reading!! :slight_smile:



It’s an excellent opportunity; we are looking for people who have the same passion for game development as we do!



Very good person to work with! Ofyderpman is an amazing builder himself!



Thank you! :smiley:

You can also shoot me a message on Roblox, for anyone interested.



I’m very interested in this! I love the concept of this game and I would be more than happy to help build for it! Sent a Discord fr.



I’m interested! (Discord: Pixel#0005)



Often at times, when someone is interviewing someone for a job and they decide not to go with them, they leave feedback instead of just saying “Not Interested” or just plainly dismissing the person.

I tried to apply for the position, but I was met with “not the style we were looking for”
So I asked, “What do you mean by style?” hoping to get a general context on what he meant, so I could possibly send him another reference image of my skillset.
But he just dismissed me and proceeded to unfriend me.

Not Very Professional, if you ask me.



Same thing happen to me, It’s unprofessional.

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Super interested in this position. I have sent you a request on Discord.



Couple things regarding your concerns.

  1. This definitely not an appropriate place for you to state your concerns. You could have privately messaged us asking for further information regarding this issue.

  2. We denied your request because it is not the style of builds we are looking for. We are paying top dollar for high quality, and unfortunately the images/portfolio you provided me with were not up to our satisfactory design of myself, and my partner @CherryLeaves.

  3. For future reference, you should learn to move on. Asking for further information is perfectly fine, and I expect that anyone asks for feedback and criticism when their application is denied - although in this case, after I replied back stating that your level of quality is not what we are looking for, you decided to keep on pushing. Both parties of my team, involving myself and @CherryLeaves are busy individuals, we do not have the time to judge each person solely; hence why when applying, you are asked to provide a portfolio or showcase you consider being your best & shows your fullest potential and that is what we base our decision upon.

Our decision remains the same, your application still remains denied. Thank you for you time and applying for this position for RoStreams.



Regarding your first point, I disagree as I’d like to think the devforums is a place where we can encourage transparency. If someone has valid concerns after bringing it up privately this is a great place to voice them and they shouldn’t be discouraged from doing so.

(This is generally as I do not know of the specifics above.)



I am interested. astrovibes#8096

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He didn’t feel you fit what he wanted. Get over it. He clearly looked at your portfolio and felt you weren’t the right fit, and with an attitude like this, I personally wouldn’t have wanted to work with you anyways. It’s unprofessional of you to complain just because someone isn’t interested in you.

If you want to seem more professional yourself, DM this kind of feedback, not air it publicly.

Hi-Jacking a Recruitment post to complain about not getting picked is not the right thing to do, at all.

It’s not rude to tell someone that they didn’t fit the level of quality required for the job. He could’ve instead just said “lmao ur models trash boiiiiiii” He didn’t do that. He very nicely said that you weren’t up to snuff for the amount he’s paying, in his opinion. Just move on to another post. When you do stuff like this, people will avoid you like the plague as they’ll feel you’ll take up entitled positions on working with them, and not produce to a level they expect. You’re not entitled to dialogue with anyone after the point they tell you they’re not gonna be working with you. When I get rejected from an internship opportunity at Roblox, it’s not inherently rude of them to not even give a full explanation as to why. I just see the rejection, accept that I didn’t make it, and move on to other things that I can invest time into, to continue my passion of game design & further my skill set.

As for the original post,

That seems like an awful lot of stuff for 125k R$. Honestly though, you could consider getting the PC’s, headsets, microphones, mouses, webcams, keyboards, and monitors done by a 3D Modeler, and that should yield better performance for your game, rather than using bricks! Same could be said for the furniture.



I wouldn’t call it hijacking, I’d call it critical feedback. Someone shouldn’t be censored just because their feedback isn’t positive, it’s perfectly okay for testimonials and positive responses too - all feedback should be encouraged. It is for this reason that sites such as Glassdoor and Indeed are fantastic as it allows everyone to have a voice. Clearly, you have to take everything with a pinch of salt as there are always two sides to the story but you shouldn’t always assume one is is right, I’d trust that whoever is reading this can make their own judgement based on all the responses, and which ones ares to be ignored.

As for this specific case, sure complaining about not getting picked is the wrong thing to do but I understand the post more as complaining about how they were treated. So who do you believe the response or OP? Thats why a public forum is great, for all the reasons mentioned above - everyone can make their own judgement and choose to either take it onboard or to ignore it.



The OP simply told the potential employee that they weren’t the level of quality the OP wanted. There’s literally nothing rude about that.

And going on recruitment posts to complain about the OP being inherently rude for your own personal reasons, has never been considered the status quo of Collaboration. Especially prior to having public Collaboration.



I agree with you. All disputes should be kept to yourself. You don’t have to come into the thread and complain about it. If he unfriends you, it means he’s not interested and he doesn’t have to give you feedback as he’s not obliged too.

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The thread is now closed, keep all arguments out of this - if you still have a concern, you can private message me.

Builder has been found, no longer in need of one.




The thread has been re-opened :DD

Previous hired builder was not able to preform to our standards, as in time organization, quality of the assets, etc.

Payment still remains at 125,000 Robux but is negotiable.



i doubt i’d be up to quality for you but i’ll at least try my discord is skybuilder #3612



well you should probably just move on make a better portfolio with multiple styles then try again for a different game