Commonly asked questions

Hello fellow developers!

As more and more developers gain access to the dev forums, a lot of the same questions are being asked over and over again, which cannot be helped.

To help combat this, similar to other forum sites, it may be handy to include a permanent ‘commonly asked questions’ post on the main page of the site, as well as a link to the post in the ‘create post’…thingy…

This would pool the top 20 most frequently asked questions, and either include direct links, or the top solutions to such posts within the common question answers.

It would certainly benefit new developers, lessen repetition and go hold a reliable and quick place to look for questions.

Think of it as more reliable bookmarks. :wink:

Please discuss your thoughts and suggestions below!


I believe this is already covered by the “similar threads” window that comes up when you’re making a new thread. If people already ignore that, a completely disjoint FAQ thread isn’t going to help them.


Mobile users cannot see this window, which makes it harder to identify similar topics. Some new members do not search or do not know how search for similar topics using the search feature mainly because they are inexperienced or unfamiliar with some complex terms.


Either or, it is our responsibility to tell them the rules. It is not our responsibility to force them use them— that role belongs to the LTC and Staff.


Oh I didn’t mean to put it that way. I was just saying mobile users can’t see the similar topics window and some new members don’t know how to search for similar topics either. I’m definitely one of the people who would tell new members from time to time some of the rules of the forum, but yeah it’s up to the higher ups to do the enforcing and moderating.

This certainly does not designate a need for this article. The rules handles this by saying the following:

Be sure to open the category or subcategory fully and read the About topic and all other pinned topics before posting. They will describe the purpose of the category and instructions for using it. Anything that does not belong in a category or violates these instructions will be removed.

Furthermore, I, like many other developers, see these kinds of topics as spam. Again referring to the rules:

Do not re-post what others have already said


It’s actually not our responsibility to tell them the rules. That responsibility falls to the end user alone to read the rules themselves.


Whether its our, roblox’s or the user’s responsibility or not,if something can be done to help new users learn faster and easier, I think its worth it.

When I first came here, I found the layout fairly confusing, never really having used a forum before, and the search feature that is here doesn’t always provide obvious results.

I should probably add this to my OP, but I came across another service (TokyoTreat) that uses the same forum system as this, and it had a few interesting features that helped direct users into the forum.

It’s basically everyone’s right to tell them rules, like @WingItMan said,

They monthly not understand, but when we shorten it and paraphrase it, they could probably understand and learn.

To respond to both of you:

Is it our responsibility to inform someone of the laws? Do we have to go around telling people that they can’t kill people. Or they can’t do a certain thing on the road. No. Laws are publicly available and easily viewable. Same with the rules of the forum. If people can’t take a minute to read the rules and end up breaking them in some form or another that’s totally on them. We (regular members/new of the servers) have 0 obligation to make sure that everyone knows the rules.

While yes, it’s always nice to help out if someone is confused about something specific, we shouldn’t need to go around listing all the rules off for people who break them.

The rules of the form have been updated to be very concise and clear recently.

@qqtt991’s response basically answers OP.

What are the differences between ours and theirs?