Community Feedback Program Application!

I applied as soon as I saw this, I really wish to be apart of this program to submit feedback to the platform and hope to get in :)!

I see use in this private community feedback group, as developers can suggest things to make Roblox.
Hope to see more on this, and good luck to anyone who submitted, hopefully I get in!

By any chance is there an estimated time it will take to be notified if you’re accepted (will it be through Roblox messages, DevForum messages, or the email we submitted?) Also, is there going to be only 100 people accepted, or like over 1000.

And for a personal thing, on the “most popular game”, I know I’ve developed in other games by groups and friends that likely have more place visits then what I submitted, I just didn’t know which they are, so I submitted my largest place that is public.


Lovely, I can’t wait to see if I have been accepted or not!


This is separate from the beta program. This program essentially approves you to participate in focus groups and private betas.

Both! Usually focus groups are small meetings with you, product, and other developers via zoom.

Ideally we would like you to submit a game you participated a large amount in developing.

This mostly depends on the project.


I see no mention of NDAs or age limits. Does this mean that members of the program are free to openly discuss what goes on?


The survey will reject you if your age does not meet qualifications.


I think sometimes it’s very difficult to voice your opinion as a developer - this is why we see a ton of people post stuff on twitter and the dev-forums about stuff they dislike and such. I think this is an excellent opportunity to whoever gets in to voice their opinions and those of the community to higher ups who might be able to make some changes. Hopefully this program can close the bridge between developers and staff.

Applied as soon as I saw the post. I wish to provide feedback if I get into the program. Good luck to anyone who applied for this excellent opportunity!


Is there any specific number of people that will be accepted and when we will be notified if we where accepted or not?


You will be notified if you are accepted. :slight_smile:


Is there a estimate number of people you’re looking to enter into the program? (50?)


That exactly what I was wondering, Thanks for reading my mind LOL.


My only question would be are you guys planning to accept developers / platform users from more niche / less mainstream community to hear input from them, I feel that the requests of some of the more mainstream developers are usually more prioritized in relation to requests made by developers in more niche communities and we are often drowned out. is there plans to have a good sample size to represent all roblox users and not just the top 5% of game developers.


I think it may actually be 3 depending on if it goes through the beta program or not.




We want feedback from developers of all types. This is going to be a very diverse group! :slight_smile:


Is this like a meet & greet sort of thing on forums, if I have to meet other people I can’t because I can’t drive :expressionless:


Interesting! I will try this out!


Sounds very promising. It’s honorable for Roblox to reach out to developers for their feedback. It’s hard to listen to a community and meet their needs when they don’t know the kind of work and complications that happen behind the scenes.
It’s a big step in the right direction and a brave decision by Roblox, good job.


Glad to see Roblox taking interest in the developer’s feedback! This would be amazing to be part of!


Awesome opportunity! I’ve applied!

About the most popular game, I’ve put the largest game I’ve contributed to. I also feel the “main” role question wasn’t exactly fair, I’m a programmer deep down but I’m known for my expertise in terrain in post-processing. I think there should have been a “more information” box, as I would love to test new features in the scope of that. Additionally, will there be certain accomplishments that may help get us into the program? (i.e. Contributed to a Roblox Event, Rank on HackerOne, etc.)

Thanks in advance!


Going to be completely honest here about the questions on the survey. I don’t think that “most popular game” or “max amount of game visits” is relevant. This seems like to be apart of this program you have to be some sort of established developer. You’re essentially forgetting about players who fuel the purpose of making games to cater to them. I feel like the platform has a lot of areas to improve outside of game development and I think it would be beneficial to predicate on that. I.e search bar, catalog, etc. The countless posts in platform feedback I feel like would be a good place to look for possible candidates and should’ve been a question or at the very least a short answer as to what you want to see and why.

To me, product teams means the product as a whole from A-Z. Either way, seems like a cool opportunity. Hopefully, great stuff can come out of this. Not many companies out there per-say are willing to do this. Applied.


I love to see Roblox engaging with the community more! This I am more glad and exited to apply!