Community Feedback Program Application!

Join the Community Feedback Program!


This program is designed to gather a diverse group of active and trusted developers to collaborate and work closely with internal teams.

Our goals with this program:

  1. Amplify the voice of the developer community
  2. Encourage community-driven product decisions
  3. Provide opportunities for developers to collaborate with internal teams

We support internal teams through various means of direct contact:

Focus Groups

Focus Groups are meetings with a small group of other developers. These meetings take place over Zoom and typically have about 2-5 developers. A microphone is required for these discussions.

1:1 Connections

1:1 Connections are similar to Focus Groups but you’re the only one meeting with the team. A microphone is required for these discussions.

Office Hours

Office Hours are designated times for the community to meet with an internal team to answer questions, gather feedback, share projects, or just chat! They typically do not have a focus topic but are a way for you to comfortably bring up concerns or ask questions they usually cannot do. A microphone is required for these discussions.

This program also assists with gathering feedback through:

  • Surveys
  • Polls
  • Betas


If accepted, we will provide you with the following:

  • Become a member of the Community Feedback Group
  • Be one of the first to receive sign-ups for Betas, Focus Groups, 1:1 Connections, and Office Hours
  • Promoted to the Regular trust level on the Developer Forums (if you’re not already)
  • Access to the Community Feedback Program private Developer Forum category
  • Access to the Community Feedback Program Guilded Server


This program does not have any set requirements, but we do check to make sure you have experience that can provide beneficial feedback to internal teams. While everyone’s feedback is valuable, members of this program need to be able to back their words with achievements they have made on the platform.

Experience can include, but not limited to:

  • Contributed to the development of an experience that has shown some success on the platform.
  • Manage a large group with an active community
  • Created a community resource that has helped many
  • Designed avatar assets that have grown into a popular Roblox clothing line

Participation in connections is not mandatory and you may opt-out of this program at any time.

Apply now!

If you are interested in joining this program, you can do so by submitting an application using the following link:

Applications are reviewed on an as-needed basis, but we typically try to add new members each month to every quarter. Once accepted, you will receive a message with further instructions on how to interact with this program. Due to the frequency that we add members, we will not message you if you are not accepted.

Applications are kept and considered for 6 months. You can submit a new one at any time and we will use the most recent information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please share them below.

Thank you.


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Love to see the developer relations trying to get better feedback from the developers themselves!
I feel like this program will be amazing for the new features and updates! I hope that everything goes as smoothly as planned. Good luck to everybody who applied!


Will this merge with the ROBLOX Beta Program? I notice that the perks of both programs are very similar. And could this feedback team have an impact on ROBLOX events, or is it exclusive to updates? On another note, I am very happy to see the ROBLOX team implementing a proper, usable feedback program after all these years.


do we have to be a certain age to join?

and also what do you mean by studio group


I think the members of this program will test the new features before the beta testers and provide feedback. To my understanding the testing with the members of this program will be more organized than the testing with the beta testers as the amount of beta testers are really high and therefor it’s hard to manage.


Really cool for them to connect with developers for feedback and focus group, good job


I never thought that the day of proper feedback is coming. Using the seal of a proud platform feedback resident, I hereby approve of this program.


This is very exciting! Nice to see the Roblox team have members of the community test out new features to provide feedback!


Ah, I see, so I assume it goes through two groups of people before reaching the players?


In relation to the focus groups, are they zoom calls with other developers and Roblox employees or something else?


I updated my reply. It’s just my understanding and opinion but I think it’s how it is going to be. Sorry for not explaining myself properly before the update on the previous post.


This is awesome! I have a clarifying question about one of the questions, though.

9. What is the link to your most popular game?

Are there certain criterias for “participating in developing”, and for “popular”?
I’ve made a few assets (clothing, 3d models) for relatively popular games, but I’m not sure if that counts as “participating in developing”. I was also one of the developers of the second place Holiday Developer Game Jam game which I think is pretty notable, but the game isn’t necessarily “popular”.

Thanks in advance!


I personally think this is a great idea! As of lately I feel unfortunately there has been a disconnect between developers and the staff and if this program can allow the “voice of the developer community to be amplified” I think it’ll bridge this gap. I think the feeling that our opinions really do atleast have some kind of meaning behind them and consideration will help. This is definitely going to help out for the better.


This would be much more secretive than the current Beta testing system, correct?


This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for, a way I can voice my feedback and opinions on features/products. Applied for this program immediately!


I’m curious about this as well, I’ve worked on plenty of games, but the form doesn’t allow you to include your portfolio/past experience, which may play a major part in decision-making.


I an excited for this! I think this is an amazing ideas and this is a great way to share how people are feeling about something, and give feedback and constructive criticism on new features. Submitted my application, hope I get in!


I see there’s a few questions asking about experience in game studios. As someone who focuses on freelance work, rather than staying dedicated to specific studios, would my feedback still be useful here?


I’m excited that Roblox is giving us an opportunity to connect and have a voice! :grin: