Community Feedback Program Application!

We are referring to just the UGC program, not the event organizers. You can learn more about the UGC program here.


I wish that there was an option to write about why you would like to participate in this program. As a developer that does not have the most popular games (in terms of visits), but has done a lot of work in terms of developing feature requests / supporting Roblox community, I would’ve liked to been able to express that in my application.


I am very interested in joining on for this.
I’ve been working with Studio since 2014, and it has been an amazing experience seeing the new tools and beta features. Hopefully be a more small time developer and UGC creator doesn’t hold me back from possibly joining this program! I feel very confident in my abilities on the platform, and know I could provide feedback as well on these new features.

Just a few questions about this application we send in.

Do the amount of visits count towards considering us for the program? (I listed my primary game, which spans over three places, so hopefully that doesn’t divide it’s player count in the eyes of the reviewer.)

When asked if we own a group on Roblox, would owning a building, modeling, and showcasing community count towards this?
The app says to not count fan groups or “studio” groups. Does Studio groups mean development teams or groups focused on building and modeling as a hobby and interest like clothing groups?

Lastly, the question about how much we earn from “clothing” on Roblox felt a bit vague.
Does clothing mean the new Jackets for UGC creators, 2D clothing?
Do we list how much we make in terms of Robux or USD (I imagine Robux.)

Thank you for your time!


Agree, and Yeah. And its really cool! and Good luck to everybody who applied!


i did fill the survey out i hope i did not mess up the age format.

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Hello everyone!

We just wanted to note that this application is subject to change! We are actively making modifications to help create a more inclusive program. This application is designed to aid in the selection process, but it is not perfect. If you get a message saying you do not qualify, this DOES NOT mean your application won’t be reviewed. This program does not have any requirements to join but there are some criteria we look for when selecting. :slight_smile:

If you have any concerns, please let us know so we can address them. We want to hear as many voices as we can!


Nice I didn’t apply tho lol :smiley: have a good day!

I love it! Hope to be accepted , hopefully. :smile:

Just applied. Would be pretty cool if I got accepted :smiley:

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I have reapplied, hopefully i get accepted but if i dont maybe it would be cool if i got told that i was not accepted (declined)

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Very much looking forward to this, looks like a great program!

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Shame that you need an mic for it

Is there a way in which you would prefer us to format multi-link submissions for the question regarding what popular games we have contributed to? I noticed that the input does not support multiple lines, so I figured that there was no harm in asking.

The survey should now accept multiple lines for this question. :slight_smile:

This is to promote productive conversations. Text chat is slow and takes up a lot more time than voice chat does.