Community keeps flagging my posts, why?

Every time i try to support someone, this other guy ends up flagging my post for false reasons. It doesn’t seem very fair when I have not done anything to them, either.


You might want to use the like feature, unless you have feedback or something to add to the conversation instead of making a reply to support someone. That’s likely why people are flagging you.


Yeah so essentially people generally flag responses that could be replaced by simply clicking the like button.

So posts like this will in many cases by flagged:

“Nice build man, I live it!”

Posts that add to the conversation or do more than could be conveyed by clicking the like button most of the time will not be flagged. Here’s some examples:

“Great plugin! I love your use of (blank) and (blank) to acheive (blank). Bookmarked.”

This adds to the conversation because it gives information or feedback that could not be expressed by hitting the like button.

So overall it’s not that complementing or sharing appreciation of another person is disallowed, but rather that they can be expressed by clicking that like button, saving the post for comments that add to the conversation. :smile:


To add onto what @ndrwcswll said, users don’t flag posts to spite you, as it seems you may think so based on the last sentence of your post. Not only that, but it doesn’t take only one flag for your post to become hidden. Keep in mind that in most cases, posts are correctly flagged. When writing a post about your flagged posts, you’re better off assuming you could improve your behavior, and word your post accordingly. This post just comes off like you immediately jumped to the conclusion that you were being falsely flagged.

Give examples of the posts that got flagged, and many of the users on this forum would be happy to help answer why they were flagged and how you can contribute more positively to the forum in the future.


Adding onto everyone else here, I believe you need 3 people to flag your post for it to become hidden, so if your post is hidden, it’s very likely that the community sees a problem with your post.

Although I’m not entirely sure if Super is correct here, replies are supposed to continue or expand the conversation rather than just “agree”. Topics are created with the intention for feedback, collaboration, and discussion so putting your thoughts into their echo chamber just wastes everyone’s time.

I got flagged just by complimenting someone of a phishing scam.

You are intended to use the like button for posts like that. Please review the forum rules, particularly the very first paragraph.

Your reply doesn’t contribute much to the thread and takes up space that others must scroll past if they’re looking for discussion. If everyone posted Thank Yous, we wouldn’t be able to read coherent discussion because everything would be drowned out by useless replies.


Well that’s most likely because (although you did commented something nice) it’s purely based on whether your post actually adds anything, for example I like to mix feedback with compliments so you can have both.


It is not wrong to provide feedback, however as said above by fellow users it is unnecessary to say things that could be replaced simply with a Like. For example:

I liked this a lot!
Very cool!
Nice work
This is helpful

All of these responses are bumping the thread back up to ‘Latest’ or ‘Unread’ - just because someone posted a compliment. Personally speaking I would only want to get a notification of something that has had meaningful developments in terms of the discussion in the thread.

Nobody is against you or holding a grudge, this is just how the DevForum is set up - and for good reason. You should familiarize yourself with the rules which specify things like this so there isn’t issues in the future.


Please use quick search feature before posting a new thread. Your posts were not flagged because you did something to the other person nor should you treat it personal. Your posts were removed to ensure Devforum is an easy to use forum, without any excessive posts that take time to read and — when put together — may transform into a wall of useless text that could be easily just likes under posts.

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The problem is I am correctly wording my sentences and showing appreciation for work. Then, I get falsely flagged.

Since I don’t see the posts in your activity, I doubt these were false flags since the posts were removed. Can you give some examples of posts that you think were falsely flagged?

(In the future, instead of making a thread with no details at all, it might be better to send us a private message at @Community_Sage with specific examples of posts that were falsely flagged so we can help you out with improving your posts.)


I think you are missing our point.

Your posts are probably getting flagged because the posts you gave, however kind, constructive or well-worded they may be, did not add to the conversation. For things like that you should either PM someone to show your appreciation, or hit that like button.

People aren’t flagging you because they have some beef with you. They are just following the guidelines.

Saying things like “Great job” or “I love your build” are just general statements of support which is what the “Like” button is for.

What everybody is attempting to tell you is that as a rule, all forum posts must add to the converation.

So instead of “Cool build” say “I think it is cool how you arched the second story windows, and added a ton of detail to the brick work on the outside of your building.”

Be specific about what you liked in particular and you shouldn’t get flagged.

Hopefully this clarified the point everybody else was trying to convey =)


Its just that 1 guy flags it for no reason.

Please review the feedback that other posters gave above. The posts are not being falsely flagged by one person, they take several flags to be hidden. A post isn’t removed unless a moderator agrees to it, so false flags will not lead to post removals since the moderator will reject the flag and un-hide your message. If they were removed, it means the moderator agreed and removed it after review.

I’m closing this thread because there is not enough information available to assist you with writing better posts, since there are no specific examples given of posts you think are falsely flagged. Please contact @Community_Sage in the future if you believe your posts are frequently getting wrongly flagged or need feedback on why your posts are being flagged.

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