Community Resources and Community Tutorials should require PA

Hello, everyone! The #resources:community-resources and #resources:community-tutorials are some of the most important categories of the forum. That’s why I’ve set notifications in order to get notified when a new thread is posted there.

However, these categories have been destroyed. I’ve seen dupes of admin commands models all the time. I’ve also seen people asking for help instead of helping users. And, the most important, I have seen a post which contained a malicious script which was contacting Synapse X (normally, those people should be punished).

I understand that the Post Approval team receives many requests right now. This could be solved by getting more PA members or by requiring PA after this issue has been resolved.

This change would help a lot. These categories would be more clean and the posts there would be more descriptive and not irrelevant to the category.

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The unfortunate thing is that we’re in a deadlock here. Removing PA (like right now) causes low quality and “basic” tutorials to pass through, but having PA there makes it much harder for the team. Now, you did mention more PA members, but that wouldn’t be a permanent solution. The number of members (non-regulars) is growing much more rapidly than the number of PA team members. They can’t keep up. So, having the category go through PA would still mean a lot of work for them. Plus, (I don’t clearly know the process of new PA members being added, but) allowing someone to be part of the PA team requires a lot of trust. Therefore, it’s quite difficult to increase the size of the team.

Most bad posts get taken care of already. And most people can distinguish good tutorials and low quality ones, so a few flags and a PA member’s attention should get that thread taken care of immediately. Eventually, they get unlisted and no one can see them anymore (apart from if they have a link to it).

I get what you’re trying to say, and many others have said this too, but in tough situations like these, we’ve got to choose the best option. Imagine PA being removed from #platform-feedback (it’d be a disaster), so they kept it there since engineers and Roblox Staff visit if often. Whereas tutorials are relatively unimportant to have PA. Tough decisions need to be made.


They used to be, but they’re not anymore as a part of massively decreasing the workflow our post approval team has to go through. I believe we found that members making bad posts happened far less frequently than making good ones, and it wasn’t worth slowing down the approval of feature requests and bug reports. If we find that members making bad resources/tutorials gets to a more severe degree, we may reconsider this option.

If you see posts like these, make sure you flag them. We prohibit both explot related and low quality content.


While I agree with reducing the workload for PA team upfront, but this is at the expense of us readers who are exposed to poorly written unwanted time wasting content.

In the end as we flag these posts they’d have to be read by PA either way, not only that but these has been increasingly more problematic overtime.

There has to be another way to improve the UX and reduce workload, ie:

Require user to be:

  • Been active for x
  • Read y post
  • etc

Requires PA for the first Post in certain Categories:

  • Bug Reports
  • Feature Request
  • Resources
  • Collaborations

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It’s much easier to unlist a bad post, then it having to go through PA.

My bad thanks and for telling me i didn’t about this.

Easier doesn’t necessary mean better especially when the cost is bad UX and bad Publicity.

I don’t want to increase PA workload, we just want better Resources, like how it used to be.

Wouldn’t it be better with the methods I suggested? ie:

The user has to go through PA only for the First time


This is a very hit or miss solution. We have regulars who have gone through PA or have seen what good topics are supposed to look like many times who still regularly post terrible bug reports and feature requests. Going through Post Approval only once is not a very good way to filter out people who don’t know what they’re doing. Also, when they get declined, they’re going to still continue to submit topics to Post Approval, so this also doesn’t really decrease the workload by much.


This has been discussed a lot of times before and this is just a duplicate thread.

It is important to remember in these two categories every issue is very unique and it is not always possible to comply with what would be expected as the standard, for example sometimes collecting evidence of the bug solves the bug.

It is always possible to comply to an acceptable degree. If you don’t follow the requirements (note, they’re called requirements), your issues cannot and will not be investigated, or your requests will not be taken seriously.

Yes, but in some cases it is not possible for the requirements to be physically met. as in the example I provided above.

At this stage, we should just make the categories Regular+. It’ll suck, but it’s better than having an overwhelming level of spam :confused:

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I don’t really see too much uninformative/ malicious posts in these categories so I don’t think these categories should require post approval as it would heavily increase their workload. I think the best solution at the moment is to just flag these topics.

You could make these topics only accessible to Regular+ as @ElliottLMz has suggested, but I think this will cause us to miss out on a lot of amazing resourses and there are also lots of Regulars who post these sorts of threads.

However I agree there is still a problem, I hope they can find a solution to it.