When was post approval taken off of resources?

I am noticing misuse of the resources category by members recently. It’s been only two topics that I have seen but I feel more will come. So I am curious when and why (other than giving PA less work) was post approval taken off of the #resources category

Yesterday – not worth our volunteering time unfortunately (about 150-200 post approval requests a month for that category as a whole, 7.5-10% of total workload, and a majority are approved without edits anyway).

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Post approval is now only on Platform Feedback (really the only category where post approval really matters).


Hmm, I just tried making a resource just two days ago and I got an answer like right away!

Sorry this might be off topic

Even if you get a response straight away that doesn’t change the fact that we handle 1500-2000 requests a month before we cut Discussion/Resources from post approval. This is a huge workload and it’s extremely stressful to manage a low response time on a volume that high, especially since we’re not paid to do this, this is entirely volunteering (it got a little ridiculous so we’re cutting it down).


Off-topic here, see: Making topics in the Discussion category now only for Regular+

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