Compass Gui Help

Yet another topic I am completely lost on, but anyway:
How would I go about making a compass gui in the same style as this example image:

I am capable of creating guis and scripting them, but how could I make it so the gui moves as the direction of the player camera changes? I would also want to include the degree measurements, not just the cardinal direction letters.

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If I’m not wrong, there are some of these in the toolbox. Simply try inserting one of them and customize it.

I tried messing with one, and I get the concept, but how could I include the degree measurements with it. I am a little confused on how to do that.

Hi there!

I actually made a tutorial on this a month ago:

It also has a degree variable that you can use to display the degrees.

Hope that helps!


Thank you so much! I will give you credit in the script :smiley:

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