Completely discard the Talent Hub character limit

As a Roblox dev that went from having an unlimited amount of characters to get into their experience as a creator or be elaborate with their recruitment posts, it is very difficult to fully transition to the Talent Hub without feeling being held back by the very thing it is supposed to help us.

It’s no secret that the Talent Hub has a character limit for everything besides messages (since those are held back by the filter). It’s also no secret that the limit has already been increased once on certain aspects of the website. There has been full Markdown and image support added recently too that unfortunately tugs on the character limit, making the creators choose between sending people off-site to show off or hope that the filtering for the messaging part of the Talent Hub doesn’t censor the links entirely, leaving your recruitment dead in the water.

This is a terrible situation to developers looking for work. Development services are like goods you can find in the grocery store and it is a universal truth that if you have something in your hands, you’re more likely to go with it. Roblox forces the product out of the hands of employers by making them check the prices 5 aisles further instead of having it right underneath the product. This also leaves employers needing to choose if they want to show examples of their work by photos that take up more of the character limit of try to stumble hard on their words as they try to describe it as much as they can.

If Roblox were to address this issue, it would change the website entirely. From being able to add some more color and expression to one’s creator page, to being able to show examples of your work and of what you need and are looking for. For a very creative output that Roblox is, the Talent Hub doesn’t seem to have much Talent in it nowadays and that tends to push developers away.


We’re aware of this issue and our team is already looking into resolving it, thanks for posting about it.


I was just about to create a new post, but I found this one. I have more feedback, though, I think it fits best here rather than in a new post.

I would like to have a section (or sections) similar to the Bio section where I can go into more depth. I think there is something to be said when it comes to a bio having a limit, it allows for employers to get a quick idea of the creator they’re looking into. However, I find it really difficult (especially as someone who writes way too much text already) to accurately condense 11 years of Roblox into only 500 characters.

I’m somewhat in favor of the character limit in the case of the bio, but, to put it simply I also want a spot for something really long and descriptive (something that doesn’t necessarily relate to one specific piece of work experience and doesn’t have an obvious time period)

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This seems to encompass more than just increasing the character limit. Would you be able to post this separately so our team can keep track of this problem? (That way we can close out this thread once the char limit is increased, without losing track of this feedback)


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