Configure Group Not Showing Group Revenue but API Does

I have reoccuring payouts on a group that I develop for, giving me permissions to the economy api for viewing the group revenue and such. I can view the group total revenue and the break down, but not the transactions in the group. This is a little weird, but not the issue.

The issue is that I have access to these APIs, but the information isn’t visible on the group page.

The bug is occurring on the configure group page and started happening when the new page replacing group admin came out. There was a new requirement to be added to payouts or have the permission to spend group funds in order to view the group’s funds, but now that I meet one of those requirements it doesn’t work. As far as I’m aware, it works when you have spend group funds, but not when you are added to payouts.

This is directly from the endpoints and I tried this with no extensions, so there’s no interference.


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My guess is that this is due to being a payout recipient of the group. We currently don’t show that tab to you unless you have CanSpendGroupFunds as a permission, but we allow you to get data from that endpoint if you have that or you’re a payout recipient.


Ah, okay. I was going off what you said earlier, stating you could view the revenue tab. Will the functionality be added for us to be able to see this info? Or maybe a new permission to allow people to see info but not spend group funds? Group owners are very protective of their funds and the spend group funds permission is a trust issue.


Ah, i did say that didn’t i! But the frontend doesn’t reflect it… I’ll look into the changes for making the revenue tab available for payout recipients. It’s a bit more involved of a change so it might be a minute.

Regarding a view-only funds / transactions permission – it’s on our radar.


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