Add "View Group Revenue" Permission

As a Roblox developer it is currently impossible to view group revenue without having the spend group funds permission. Developers in groups use the group revenue tab to verify purchases made by players and view the overall Robux that the group is making.

Some group owners are very protective of their savings in their group and wouldn’t like to allow their developers to spend all of it with a few clicks. For this reason, developers in groups are often not given the permission to spend group funds. With the new group admin function, we are unable to view our group revenue without being able to spend it.

This removes functionality for developers working in groups. If this issue was addressed it would improve my development experience because I would be able to reference the group funds and confirm player transactions to help users and fix bugs without the group owner risking their earnings by granting other users access to spend the group funds.


How long has it even been since Roblox changed the permission system? It could really be redone to contain new permissions. I think this is a good start, as developers might want to know how much robux are in the group, while the group owner doesn’t want to give them spending permissions.


They changed it this week I think on Wednesday? There’s a post about it here.

I meant the actual permissions provided, not the UI. There wasn’t any changes to the actual permissions iirc, the interface was just changed to be cleaner and more modern.

There were changes made during the UI transition, and now only people with “Spend Group Funds” can view revenue whereas anyone with group admin could view the group’s total revenue before. I could also view the revenue tab without this permission before this transition. This is talked about here


It was recently decided by Roblox Engineers to disable the ability to see the Revenue tab and the total funds in the group. I initially thought it was simply a bug. It has since come to my attention that this is a feature specifically added in with the “Spend Group Funds” role permission: Introducing Configure Group - #35 by BitwiseAndrea

I personally don’t own a specific group I noticed this issue from, but I do a good 90% of the work on the aforementioned group. I personally don’t get access to the robux directly hence why I don’t have direct access to spend group funds, but I need to be able to access and review the revenue and what it’s coming from to make decisions on prices and what features the players are enjoying. For obvious reasons, a group owner doesn’t want people to just spend off the robux on things even if it only allows access to spend on things such as ads.

This may not even be an issue just for me, but possibly for many others out there. The inability to view the Revenue prevents me from understanding how the flow of the group is regarding income. Now it might be an obvious fix to just give the role permissions, but not everyone can do that for each role.

The overarching request is to either allow everyone with access to the Configure Group panel to view the Revenue page again or allow those with Audit Log access to view it. I’m sure there’s others out there who would benefit from this permission modification.


This is still an issue unresolved. I see one of the admins in a linked post mentioned it, but it would be great if I could have treasurers in my group to help manage the revenue streams better. I do not want them to have access to spend the group funds or affect payouts in any way, but I can’t always be around to manage the group revenue streams.

We use this to view who bought certain items to assist in marking them as a “supporter” but this can’t be done as it currently stands without leaving room for grieving of a group’s funds.


This is still an issue to this day, I wish there was a way for some roles to see funds but can’t spend it…

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