Connection issues

I’ve noticed ROBLOX has been getting some major connection issues with a lot of players on many different games it seems like the servers are really slow. Anyone else notice this lately?


Since yesterday I’ve had a lot more problems with connecting to one of my test places. About every 2 out of 3 times I try joining I end up just getting stuck at the skybox loading.

This happens


I’d think it’s all the damn bots getting created every two seconds. I mean I would think that’d rough up any server no matter what site.

I noticed this as well - having complaints that players of my game are getting random shutdowns and it’s taking longer to join servers.

Edit: @Veov_Ekdosi This post shouldn’t be in inception forum (as this is posts about this forum specifically) - not sure which category - maybe client bugs? Hmm

I was on a 20mb download connection and getting around 10-20 ping and after 20 mins of waiting I still couldn’t join jailbreak.

I thought of doing that but the website is kind of slow too? I’ll just toss her in Client frn.

Yeah same here.

in my case im just stuck on this loading screen

nothing loads up at all

I’ve also been receiving a large number of complaints about connection problems at this game and I’m starting to notice a drop in place traffic because of it. I’ve also experienced a couple instances of this stuck-on-skybox issue as well trying to join this game.

having hard times connecting to games as well. It stays on the loading screen for a very long time, usually just with the grey screen and the spinning logo only…

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Bringing attention to this thread again because I’m losing copious amounts of players to this issue.

At least a quarter of my players are being screwed over by this problem, most likely even more given that my place traffic has been slumping this past week because of this problem.

I’ve been asking around about this issue and this is the general consensus from my playerbase, it’s not something I’ve done but an issue on Roblox’s end:

This needs to be looked into. I’m taking a massive hit because of this problem.

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The definition of ROBLOXCRITICAL has been updated (thanks @Nightgaladeld) . @Veov_Ekdosi, this now qualifies as ROBLOXCRITICAL. Please add it to the title.


I used to have this issue on this game but it doesn’t seem to happen to me anymore. But it still seems to happen to quite a few people.