Console Guidelines Update : Last Guidelines still available?


I recently opened my game for Xbox and PlayStation devices. To stay compliant with Roblox’s TOS, I’m careful to block direct message chat for the console.

But my game is a role-playing game, and it’s very complicated to keep players who are not available to chat with others…

Recently Roblox updated the console guidelines and I don’t see any new terms regarding chat restriction for console.

So, my console players can now access direct chat?

(I will do the necessary work to make a very ergonomic UI navigation)

Console Guidelines


Based on the following, you are to remove and not implement chat for console:

Roblox will work on and make functionality for chat on consoles, eventually. There’s issue of UX, but that shouldn’t stop Roblox from supporting chat imo.

Additionally, the new guidelines are just that, guidelines. Not requirements.

We are still not allowed to put chat in console games. The current state of the console guidelines are not meant for roleplay games.

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