Roblox available now on PlayStation!

We are excited to announce that Roblox is now available on PlayStation!

We will also start rolling out our Roblox app update for supported Xbox devices on October 12th.

Every day, more than 65.5 million people join Roblox using a wide range of devices that include mobile (iOS and Android), desktops, Xbox, and Meta Quest. Bringing Roblox to PlayStation, the leading console, opens up another opportunity for developers to create and share their experiences for millions of people instantly. You can publish your existing experiences to console or create unique, new experiences with console devices in mind.

A seamless way to publish and distribute experiences

Roblox’s universal design revolutionizes development by simplifying the process of bringing content to consoles. With the incredible ability to build once and publish effortlessly on all popular devices at the push of a button, this innovation marks a pivotal moment, making development more accessible and expansive than ever before. Traditionally, building content for consoles required specialized skills. However, with Roblox, you now have the opportunity to effortlessly publish your current creations onto PlayStation and Xbox, eliminating the need for extensive code adjustments. This ease of integration ensures that experiences can seamlessly run across various devices, including PlayStation and Xbox, with little effort required.

A vibrant social platform for console

We’re excited to welcome the PlayStation community into a vibrant network where they can explore and engage in experiences with fellow Roblox users on Xbox, iOS, Android, desktop, and Meta Quest. This expansion means that even more people can enjoy Roblox’s immersive 3D universe, offering boundless opportunities for connection, communication, and self-expression. Whether on console, mobile, desktops, or VR, friends can now seamlessly explore together, fostering a sense of community across devices and platforms.

We’re just getting started…

Optimizing and publishing your experiences to console opens up a realm of possibilities for your creations. Consoles offer a unique entertainment experience, often enjoyed in the comfort of living rooms, fostering a sense of shared excitement among users that are highly engaged and seeking unique experiences. By supporting console devices, you tap into a vast, dedicated audience hungry for innovative and immersive content. Expanding your reach to platforms like PlayStation and Xbox can lead to enhanced visibility for your experiences, more vibrant communities, and, of course, more engagement.

We encourage you to not miss out on the chance to captivate a whole new audience – publish your Roblox experience to console devices and let your imagination thrive in their world!

Let us know if you have any feedback on how to improve the console experience.

Thank you!

Upcoming Improvements and Important Notes

There are a few known issues that we are actively working on:

  • Some experiences still show the Xbox controller icons on PlayStation. This will be significantly improved as developers adopt the new controller icon API.

  • We do not yet offer personalized experience recommendations in the Recommended for You list. Recommendations, once available, will improve over time for both PlayStation and Xbox devices.

  • In-experience notifications are not yet supported on PlayStation. We plan to support notifications fully in the future.

  • We will continue to improve experience loading performance and loading screen visuals.

  • Chat with voice, platform text chat and in-experience text chat are not yet supported on PlayStation or Xbox.

  • The Discovery page is disabled on PlayStation and Xbox; we will continue to improve and focus on experience recommendations going forward.

  • Please note: some experiences require pressing the touchpad on PlayStation or the View button on Xbox to toggle in-experience navigation.


Click here to view the FAQ!

What PlayStation and Xbox devices will Roblox support?

  • Roblox will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 (via backwards compatibility), Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S.

When will you allow experiences to be on PlayStation?

  • All experiences can be published to console using the device list in Studio now. If you have already published an experience to Xbox, your experience will automatically be available to PlayStation. See here for more information.

For creators already with experiences published to Xbox, where is the featured sort?

  • The Discovery page is disabled on PlayStation and Xbox; we will continue to improve and focus on experience recommendations going forward.

Is there a way to test my experience before I publish to console devices?

  • Yes, we encourage you to use the Roblox Studio device emulator to test your experience before publishing to console.

How do users interact with the in-experience menu using the virtual cursor?

  • By default, users will need to click the touchpad button on their controller to toggle menu navigation. We recommend you adjust your user navigation experience, eliminating the need to click the touchpad for developer menus. For more info on designing your UI for consoles, please see here.

Is it easy to make sure the controller inputs are specific to Xbox and PlayStation devices?

  • Yes, we’ve recently introduced a new controller API to help you align with the specific controller inputs for Xbox and PlayStation devices.

There are some noticeable frame rate drops with experiences on PlayStation 4. How is this being addressed?

  • We are working on engine optimizations in the coming weeks that are expected to improve the framerate for users on PlayStation 4.

Will Roblox support sponsored ads on PlayStation?

  • At launch, we will not support sponsored ads on PlayStation. We are expecting to support sponsored ads at a later date.

Does in-experience/platform text chat or chat with voice work for users on console?

  • Not yet, but we are working on enabling these features for console devices in the future. We will make sure to provide an update once we have more details on timing. For launch, please make sure in-experience/platform text chat and voice chat is disabled in your experience on console.



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This is great!

As usual it did take a very long time for this to release, however that is definitely better then never.

Do you have an estimated time frame for when chat and vc features will be enabled on consoles? User experience is obviously a bit limited without the ability to socialize.


Awesome news! However, I think it’s important to work on voice chat, and especially text chat support for consoles. I believe it’s really important for game play.


It’s only worth supporting voice chat, it was already a pain in the ass to write out Minecraft signs on XBOX 360


Both is important, because console users still might want to read what other players are saying in chat. Also most people don’t have voice chat, and those who do usually just keep their mic disabled.


There’s a lot to be done on the console side of things, as I’ve made known throughout my various efforts on the forum. And, I’m glad to see Roblox on PlayStation. However, with this, I’d like to ask…

Can the main menu music remain in this new console version?

For me, it is a piece of nostalgia and culture. I assume it would not as it’s a universal app, but one can hope.


I can’t log in

When I do this nothing happens on the PlayStation side


Nice! Is there any plans to differentiate between PlayStation and Xbox on analytics pages instead of simply showing “console”?



(idk why it said body was unclear)


Let’s go! Even though I don’t use my PS4 much this is gonna be a game changer!!

Now you can actually have console wars in Roblox!!


I may also point out that many console users play on keyboard and mouse. And even then, if it’s annoying to use, it’s still better than nothing at all.


Err, this doesn’t answer the question in the FAQ. Where is the featured sort? Does it exist? Can I promote my game to console and have it show on PlayStation?


When I try logging in manually It tells me this I literally disabled 2fa and still I get this message please help


Do we still have to comply to original Xbox guidelines in our games?
I can’t seem to find anything on it if it applies to PlayStation or if it’s just simply outdated.


It works fine when I use another psn account


I literally unlinked that psn account


Yeah you’d have to either way because to list your game on play station, you also need to list it on xbox.


Not sure if it’s directly related to the playstation launch, but the client memory usage percentage graph in my experience’s analytics shows >100% for consoles.

Actual client memory usage remains the same, as well as client crash rate. It’s probably a visual bug


It is not Roblox’s fault this isn’t supported on console versions of Roblox. This is the work of Microsoft and Sony (afaik).