Update Xbox Guidelines - 2023

All Xbox guidelines described here should be updated to reflect how Roblox is today, taking Roblox’s age guideline/recommendation system into account.

It would also be good to mention that Roblox is now rated Teen and thus some requirements might not necessarily need to be there anymore. An overhaul in general would be good for both the ‘Launch Guidelines’ and the ‘Feature Experience Guidelines’.


We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and we will update you when we have further information!

Thanks for flagging!


Hi @Reditect, Thanks for flagging this. The Xbox guidelines has recently been replaced by Console Guidelines with up-to-date guidelines for all supported consoles, including Xbox and PlayStation.


I’m assuming this means there are no longer any console-specific requirements, on top of Roblox-wide requirements, to be published on those platforms, is that right?

There were requirements for the featured sort, but that no longer exists from my understanding. Will there be a console-specific sort, or something similar to the featured sort, in the future?

(A random thing, one of the old requirements was to have at least 4 badges for an experience.)

Yes. At this moment, there are no console-specific requirements outside of the best practices outlined in the new console guidelines. All old requirements that are not on the new guidelines are outdated and no longer needed.


Will the create.roblox.com page content agreement dialog be updated to reflect those new console guidelines?

The current window displays the classic Xbox guidelines currently, even if it now has been confirmed otherwise when opening up a game for console.

Studio does not have this warning.

It’s best to clear this up.


Thanks for flagging this. I’ve forwarded this to the Creator Hub team and will update with you once we have further information.

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