Constantly getting disconnected from Team Create

Original backend issue has been resolved. Is anyone still seeing team create disconnections?


Thank you for fixing this, it was halting development for most of the day but it’s been working since a few hours ago. Good job!

I’m having a lot of disconnections right now. Have been having for the past 20 minutes or so.



Publishing is now failing.

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Sorry for a third post but this needs to be looked into.


The automatic place saving isn’t even working at this point. I cannot publish, and using Publish as from backup files isn’t working either.

Developing in Team Create places is currently impossible.

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We are looking into it. In the mean time, please provide any additional information that might be helpful. For more info on what to post, please go here How to post a Bug Report


Hello, unfortunately this issue is not resolved yet. I’ve been periodically disconnected from Team Create 4 times since 3:19pm (PST), and the time differences have ranged from ~40 minutes to less than 10 minutes.

[Edit] Here’s a link to the affected place:

Let me know if you require anything else!

Several issues were fixed. We are seeing this correlated with a decrease in publish failures. @MetatableIndex @Locard Are you still experiencing issues?


Nope. It is resolved now.


Also, I don’t know what kind of magic you guys did, but publishing is insanely faster now.

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So apparently it looks like this issue was very connected to publishing. It does publish much faster now though, like you say. It went from taking up to around 15 seconds (top time for me at least) to >5 seconds. It would be interesting to hear what specifically was fixed. Safe to say that the issue is resolved I suppose, maybe they can decrease the publishing time further with this knowledge.

I am still experiencing this issue as of now. i keep getting disconnected randomly, however it seems that its happening not that much as it used to be.

I have a wired connection with 300Mbps down and 40 up, no issues with my wifi at all.

(edit) i take it back… it seems to be happening a lot, i haven’t been paying attention because i am used to it. i just got disconnected again for the second time after 45 minutes of being in studio.

It doesn’t seem like I’m experiencing any more issues on my end. I’ll keep you posted if it continues to happen!

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Recently started happening again. I believe it started yesterday, however I thought it would fix by itself but it hasn’t.

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This was happening to me and my team just now, and we lost about 15 minutes of progress in team create.
Super Annoying.
I may provide screenshots when I get the chance.
(I am on a MacBook)

I am still being disconnected regularly, I was working on editing a script and i got disconnected from studio out of nowhere.
When i tried to reconnect, i heard an error noise and it completely force closed studio and the warning aswell.
I have a wired connection with 300Mbps down and 40 up with no issues.

It just happens randomly.

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Happening again. Started two / three days ago. This is very disruptive to my team’s work flow.

Any news on this situation?

This issue started happening again, i published and it disconnected me. Could you maybe take a look at it again?

It happened rarely while publishing and it (maybe) happens rarely while doing nothing.

This is the place where it happened:


Looking now. Thanks for the report.


This has started occuring again today. My team and I have been constantly disconnecting from Team Create every 15-20 minutes.


I’ve Been Experiencing Problems With This Too, I Can Safely Connect for about 10 Mins and then It Autosaves. Out The Window my Connection Goes and About 5 Mins Of Work With it. I’ve begun Just Creating Assets In an empty Baseplate and Importing them Into Roblox just to avoid a Loss of Work.