Constantly getting Request Throttled

Root Place: Demon Hunter - Roblox
Universe Place: Demon Hunter - Roblox

We use memorystore getsortedmap in our game for constant matchmaking, we haven’t had any rate limit issues or request throttle issues recently and suddenly a few hours ago we’ve been getting them constantly with no new update pushed. Although at first I assumed maybe there was a accidental rare occurrence where I forgot to disconnect something and it was actually being spammed, it seems that some other games have been suddenly getting this issue as well.

Issue started at around 10-11am EST

RequestThrottled: Recent MemoryStores requests hit one or more limits.

Reference Post: MemoryStoreService requests throttling despite not being near limit - #8 by SnoutUpDev


I’d also like to pitch in on this. We use memorystore based session locking so this is affecting our datastores as well as other features we have within the game.

Roblox Game - Shonen RNG

As you can see in the image, it has recently spiked even though the game hasn’t really been updated in almost a week or two.

Our Memorystore Usage is very low as well…

This is also happened in our place. (we made our matchmaking server with MemoryStoreService)

Are you still seeing errors in your logs?
We are working on a fix.

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Seems like it is solved in our place. If the error happens again, I will left another message here then.

Getting some internal errors now