Constraints Job (Soccer Goal)

I’m looking for someone who works well with Roblox constraints.

TASK: To create a functioning/lagless soccer/football goal.

PAYMENT: 5,000 Robux via group payouts

Reply down below if you’re interested!

What exactly qualifies as “lagless”? What is the worst device you’re willing to support?

We are hoping to support all devices, Desktop, Phone, Tablet, and Xbox. We are hoping for the game to run smoothly with the constraints in the game and not make an impact on game quality.

Still looking

Constraints would probably not work out to well for something like this.

You’d have better luck making an individual segment of your soccer goal(slightly larger than the ball itself) and animating it to push in. Then whenever the ball hits the goal, you can just replace the hit area with your animated segment and :Play()

If you have an understanding of IK this would be a lot easier on you or you could just wait for the IK update to the animation editor to come out

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I may have found something even more useful, verlet integration.

This is possible with verlet, but good luck making it non laggy. This is probably twice as bad as cloth simulations, unless you’re willing to make the goal have barely any points and only active when the ball is close, which might be enough to make it have low lag.

Honestly, I wouldn’t do this for a serious game on Roblox. Would be a cool experiment though. Might try to make this later when I have time to see if it’s even viable.

This might work:


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