Construction Asset Pack

For a while, I have thought about creating asset packs for developers to use. This is the first one that I have created, however I am not sure on whether I will make more in the future. Please give feedback, as I may make a V2 pack in the future.

This pack includes the following assets:

  • Barrel (x3)
  • Cinder blocks
  • Container (x3)
  • Cone (+Large ver.)
  • Pipes (Numerous variants)
  • Road block
  • Wood boards (Numerous variants)
  • I Beam
  • Rebar

This pack was designed for FPS games, but it has many other possible uses. As usual, please do not resell or claim it as your creation. An important note, there is text on the containers. Feel free to remove it, it is decorative text to look like a label.



Looks nice! If I ever make a game that needs construction stuff I will use this model.


Wow I think this is a brilliant idea, keep up the good work!

I think people like you creating things for others, free of cost, are amazing people.

It’s a really neat asset back, great work dude.


This model is stunning. This is great for a construction aspect of any game! :grin:

I love the construction style so to me this is… N O I C E.

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