[REWORK SOON] Construction Asset Pack 2.0!

Introducing the second iteration of my construction asset pack
A while back I created a construction asset pack for developers to enjoy, however it was created using CSG (Unions, in house), and was not optimized. So, I set out to make a new version with nicer visuals, completely out of meshes, optimized, and PBR ready. I have been working on this for a while, and it is finally ready.


I have released it under a CC-ND license. You may use it commercially, and not provide credit, however you may not re-release it. Please do not claim credit for the creation, or post it onto other 3D assets websites without express permission from me.


  • Old asset pack: Construction Asset Pack
  • To adjust metallic look, mess with the EnvironmentDiffuseScale and EnvironmentSpecularScale settings under lighting.
  • They were designed for future lighting and ShadowMap lighting.
  • You can use them without being PBR by going into the SurfacceAppearance instance, grabbing the ColorMap ID, deleting the SurfaceAppearance, and pasting the ID into Mesh’s texture field.
  • Have feedback? Post it below!

Thank you for taking a look, and feel free to enjoy using these assets to create your perfect map.


This looks really nice, do you plan on adding more stuff such as caution tape?


Well, I do plan to add stuff, but feel free to post an ideas on what to add. I currently plan to add more road barrier types, scaffolding, and modular fence pieces.

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I follow your creation on QSP. And today you give to the all Roblox community some big and high quality content. So bug thanks to you to give to everyone this type of stuff and I will credit you if I use it in my game!