Contractors for Roblox Point Theme Park Update [USD 50-1500 USD]

Hello everyone! I am looking for a few people to help push out an update that I want to push out by March 1st. If you are interested please be invested and ready to work! Prices vary below depending on how much of what I needed you can do. I know my prices aren’t the best but its all I can do at this moment. We can discuss more on Discord: StarMarine614#7400

Quite a few positions open here:

Builders: 1-2 people [$50-500]
I am looking to revamp the scenery in the game, in a lot of places the park feels like its lacking and needs touch ups. Some rides have no scenery at all, you will coordinate with me and we will work together on coming up and creating new looks and exciting areas in the park.

I am looking for someone to create shops for example an ice cream parlor that players will be able to go and role play at.

Scripters: 1-2 people [$500-1500 Can also add in a percentage of profits if you decide to be a part of the RP team]

Jobs/ In-Game Currency: I want players to be able to do jobs to earn in game money in which they can use to purchase items and role-play in game. Players will be able to purchases food, drinks, souvenirs, or save up even more and get pets which will help them grind for higher amounts of money.

Job List So Far
Entertainer: Put on a costume and walk around astonishing guests with your dance moves!
Ride Operator: Take control of ride stations and make sure guests have a smooth experience.
Janitor: Clean up the puke, and trash around the park (someone has to do it.)
Stand workers: Help customers get their food and drink and ensure happiness.

Also as a extra looking to add in a few quests the guests can go on to help some AI that have lost items. Help them out to get a reward.

Clothing maker: [Commission]
Looking for someone to make RP Theme Park themed clothing and sell it in gift shops around the park. The clothes will stay under your account and you will make the money from it, I will just receive the commission from selling it in my game.

Music: Looking for some music to be made for the game, contact me and we can discuss prices as I don’t know much about this.

Extra items: [Lets discuss prices on Discord]
Main menu screen: Looking for a cool intro into the game before players start playing to explain how to play, go over updates, and news.

Will update with more if more ideas come up!


Added on Discord: Toad#9999

Previous themepark experience:

Here’s some of my work.

Hey! Here is a sample of my work im a builder. Been building since 2014: (a few pictures are inside this instagram page)

Seems like a really fun project and defiently something I’d love to be apart of :smile:

You can contact me on the same instagram page or discord:


Heyo! Here’s my portfolio hope you take a look at my work. If you think it’s good DM Me!


Is knowledge of Blender a requirement?


I’d be interested in doing the clothes, potentially. My portfolio here has some of my work involving clothes I’ve made.

Are you still interested? PM me.

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