Cooking Frenzy Devlog #3! - Interactions!

Rambling & the like

Hi there! I’m back with another devlog! Sorry about not posting twice when I said I would. There was some family stuff I had to attend to. Anyways, let’s get on to the devlog!


Devlog 1
Devlog 2


  • Fixed a bug where crates would not give the correct item to the player

  • Updated Interact UI! The KeyToPress text will show the correct button to press depending on the players platform. For example, on mobile devices the KeyToPress text will show “Tap”. On console, it will show “X”.


  • The people have spoken! The (blender) will be called Blender from now on.

  • Should I put future devlogs in #bulletin-board?

What should the (juice round) name be?
  • Juice Round
  • Drinks Round
  • Smoothie Round
  • Something else

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You made 3 devlogs yet you never posted any images or videos.
Wow, just why.

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll add some images

no dont put in bulletin board
also please where the game

dude nooooooo not in bulletin board!!!

No make a chug jug lolloollooloo

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