Cool 2D game Feedback - Farty Rocket

Hi everyone, Ive been working on my first 2D Game ever called Farty Rocket! I had alot of fun making it and I would really appreciate your thoughts on it! btw try to get to level 100 without using respawns, its impossible, Anyways without further ado, I present Farty Rocket! - inspired by dani :slight_smile: everyone’s favourite game dev youtuber

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One question before I get onto the feedback. How on earth do you create new games every single week or 2 I swear there was a feedback for another game of yours just 1 week ago. O_O

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Im not sure if this is a good thing but I make games super fast like in a couple hours since I have a few extra carriculars and don’t have a lot of time lol. Sorry If i make too many games but I try to make them as fun as possible for u guys to enjoy!

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Now for the feedback. it broke after 3 tries or something it started the game before i clicked start and then I reset my character and it blanked and nothing happens when I click the start button.

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Oh ur not suppose to press reset character

I think you should disable the reset button then


Ok Butterpilot, the reset button is now disabled, please give the game another go and tell me what you think :slight_smile:

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Really? Farty Rocket by dani. This is not inspired but infact a complete 1:1 copy of his game.

And the fact that this is so scuffed omg.

WTH is going on???

And the Geometry Dash Music…

Ah yes… monetization, with extremely big icons…


If you want to make a Popular try and spending some time and not just spitting out games that are bugged. Sorry if this sounds harsh it’s just the truth.

Yea srry Abt that, I’m ngl this game wasn’t supposed to be popular. It was more of a challenge for me to build a 2d game and I think it turned out pretty well despite the bugs. Also the game passes were because I’m broke lol. The game has that one bug which idk how to fix srry.

The game itself is nice, but the whole game is bugged as hell. The whole main menu is shown mid game and why gd music with scuffed gd mini wave?

Oh… alright then. Then I’d say its a 7/10… Which is… not bad actually! Good job on making your first 2d game! But I see that you infact used parts rather than… well… actual 2d elements so its more of a 2.5d game rather than a 2d game but hey, good job still.

Yea… then why did you buy badges? Don’t each badge cost like 100 robux and you made 3 so 300 robux… gone…

What the heck they’re free man

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you’re two years late :sweat_smile:

Wait what… when did they make it free??? Omg.