Cool Game Ideas Feedback (Would Idea 2 get banned?)

Idea 1
I call this idea QB simulator. The whole point of the game is using a football you throw at targets to get more points. There will be a area where you can 1v1 friends. The whole point is to have better aim as a QB to prepare for a very popular game called Football Fusion. With those points/Cash you then use to upgrade your football and gear and such.

Idea 2
I call this idea Stock Market Simulator. This idea is pretty simple its kind of like the stock market where you buy stock and trade it. You will be able to buy cars in the game start your own company to make even more money and much more. The whole point is to be rich and sit amoung the richest but using the stock market.

Idea 3
A game called like House Modler or something like that but the point is you build houses by giveing your self a budget. You can complete levels and even do house build battles with friends. As you make more houses you unlock more levels which allow you to have more customization fetures.

These are basic understandings of the games. I personal love both but Idea 2 is definitly my favorite.

If you would like to join me to make Idea 1 or 2 (Hopefully 3 in the future) then join me via the hiring page: The Hiring Page

Thank You
Feedback is appreciated

(Sorry if this is the wrong topic)

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Is there anything I could improve or anything I could change?

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For stock market simulator, you can get shut down for promoting gambling because there are no actual ways that you can turn a stock up or down in a game without pure luck.

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I was thinking about using the system in farming and friends [Forklifts!] Farming and Friends - Roblox

The selling Crops system for selling stock.

I Dont belive the stock market is gambling.

Added A 3rd Idea hope you like it and of course give feedback

I do have a question now. Would making a Stock Market Game be considered illegal on roblox?

I honestly not sure, but if it isn’t send me the link to that game once it is made, I am interested. Overall it is an amazing idea.

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Yeah I plan on adding more as well. Definiltyly as the team starts forming we will get to deloping right away.