Is stock market considered gambling?

I’m interested in making a stock market sort of game but I don’t want it to come across as gambling. I’ve seen other topics like this one but the only reliable one didn’t really give an exact answer.

My game will have multiple stocks that are able to be purchased with in-game currency. The stocks aren’t really based on anything, they update every 30 seconds to a random number.

You can only purchase stocks with cash. 500 cash is earned every minute. But I have another currency, only obtainable by purchasing it with Robux called diamonds. You can convert diamonds to cash.

If a player buys diamonds and converts it to cash and uses it for the stock market, is this gambling? Should I just not allow conversions?

Sidenote; you don’t have to sell your stocks. So I’m thinking if the stock market crashes, which it randomly does but very rarely, I’m not forcing the players to sell their stocks which means they just need to wait about 30 seconds for it to recover.

Please let me know if this is too close to gambling, and what actions I can take to make it not.

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Yeah, just don’t allow conversions. Being able to have a direct path to convert Robux to cash gives that cash a real monetary value, making it too close to actual gambling.


Yeah, just don’t allow conversions. Being able to have a direct path to convert Robux to cash gives that cash a real monetary value, making it too close to actual gambling.

Alright. How about spending diamonds to do something (not sure yet) that could reward you with cash?

That’s a bit of a grayer line, but I think it should be fine as long as there’s no clear “15 diamonds = 50 cash” conversion, or something along those lines. Being able to earn it should be fine, at least.


Thank you for helping me, this game wouldn’t be allowed on Xbox though right? (If there was 0 ways to convert Robux/Diamonds to coins)

The guidelines specify Robux gambling, so I think it’s safe to assume the same rules apply.


The Xbox guidelines on the Roblox developer site says of any kind.

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Huh, that’s odd. I guess it’s better to just stay safe and not release on Xbox.


Alright, thank you for helping me.

At the same time there is no obligation or suggestion that you have to read that page, so I would only stand by the original content agreement you make when opening up the game to xbox players.

If roblox can not prove you have read the other page, and robux has not tried or refered you to read that page before opening your game to roblox I would assume you could in no way be considered liable if your game had non robux gambling and was open to xbox.

As you said its always good to play it safe, but roblox really has no grounds to punish you for not reading something they never suggested you to read.


Isn’t this devforum post proof of me reading it though? Or am I overthinking.

Your overthinking it, XD.

Unless roblox tells you to read in your not expected to have read it.

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So if I use in-game cash then I am good?

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Only if the in-game cash is not purchasable with actual Robux. Once there’s a direct conversion possible, that gives the in-game cash actual real-world value (purchasable with Robux which is purchasable with USD), and it stops being okay.


Like I cant have devproducts to get more in game cash if you purchase? Or I can’t make Gamepasses?

It’s gambling simply because even if you were to make a headline system, these events would still be random in their occurrences. Just be safe, and don’t do it, or at least have a currency that cannot be traded with Robux.

So your saying Farming and friends is gambling since selling prices change?

Thats how my game will work Game Idea 2

Could you explain what you mean there? Not everyone plays that game so we may not be clear on what you mean by selling prices changing potentially being considered gambling. The main takeaway is that Robux should not be tied to any system where there is a potential to lose money in a game of chance without getting anything back.

I think this should help you understand more