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Hello, I am TheVenomousDove (I could just be referenced as dove.) I have worked on some logos, and I am finally seeing myself improve making logos! I am glad I am trying to learn more digital art, and it is really fun to create these logos! Here are some of my logos I am most proud of:

I will keep making logos to learn more. This is what I wanted to share! Thanks! :slight_smile:


I’m currently looking for a logo designer my discord is Vibe#0458

Here is my portfolio. Some things are a bit old now

I would say to not use the same font and be more creative like for the cupcake logo make the “C” fully into a cherry or make the icing drip, you could have the cabin logo to have rough or jagged edges like the trees or for the music font you could have notes appear from the sides. There is also problems with the logos like the “C” in the cupcake logo has a outline error with the cherry stem, the note on the music logo is oddly placed and doesn’t make sense. Aswell as the rpgg logo the “weapons” are inconsistent with the style of the logo. Overall not bad at all well done!

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Thanks for your opinion, but this was a while ago and at the time I didn’t understand much :laughing: