Cool Roblox Game

Hey, so I’ve recently been working on a game and I was wondering what people think about the idea, so here’s a video.

What name do you think would be suitable for this kind of game?
Feedback and ideas are appreciated :smiley:
Thanks for passing by :yum:


Looks cool. Maybe instead of locking the camera to the player with an offset you could lerp it to make it smoother.

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Looks pretty good! I could see this working a nice & simplistic game!

Also I’m sorry for saying this but IT FEELS SO RELEVANT

I swear the UI’s feel like 1 of those free mobile games you see on the App Store

What do you mean by “lerp”? You mean looking around with your cursor?

Woah that looks amazing.

Is there going to be a seasonal update? Like During winter, is Level 1 is going to be full of snow or is it still going to be all greenish grass?

Overall, keep it up.

“Lerping” is kinda a way to create a distance using 2 points, and adding a “set point” in-between those 2 points

You can adjust where you want adjust the camera along the boundaries of those 2 points (With 0 being Point A’s Position, and 1 being Point B’s position)

It looks great, I’m sure you worked hard. It makes me think of Mario, I don’t know why, I don’t know a name, I honestly don’t have inspiration. I wish you luck .

No, but there will be different worlds, for example this is GreenLands. But the next one could me magmatic sanctuary just for example.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the feedback :smiley:

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Ah, gotcha!

That’s awesome! Playing through different worlds it’ll make the game much fun and not boring.

I can’t wait to play the game once it’s out!

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Sorry for the late response. Look into the CFrame:Lerp() method. You can have it so every Heartbeat the position of the camera is set to an Interpolated “Lerped” value between its current position and the target.

Very cool concept! Test out making so that you cant run backwards, and if you really want you can make it like the dinosaur game where you cant stop walking. You press start and thats it.

Looks great! Although, if I were to suggest something, maybe lessen the time it takes for the stars to fade out. It doesn’t look like they use TweenService, and I strongly suggest using it if they don’t.

It’s intended to run backwards, in other gamemodes like hard or nightmare, some controls will be changed and there is no turning back. Or there will be constant walking and you can’t stop your character.
Thanks for the feedback tho :smiley:

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Alright, I’ll look into it. Thank you :smiley:


I can see the elements of the classic game that is a default in studio, but you have added your own twist.

In my opinion it would be better with the default animation, rather than the playerchoice animation (robot/oldschool etc), as sometimes animations can mess up jumps and timings.

Don’t worry about that, we will obviously change it cause we’ve found numerous bugs just because of the character animation.

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I like the game! The GUIs look pretty good and everything is so detailed!
…For the name…it looks like the game’s about collecting stars, so maybe something that has “Star” in it?

Good, Idea, i’ll count that in when I think about the game name. Thanks :smiley:

This is a very good game and I think it will be successful :smiley: