Cool sky system for our project

Hey guys, I just wanted to quickly share something we did for our game that I’m pretty proud of

Skyboxes in roblox are typically pretty bland, and we wanted something a bit more adjustable for our game’s atmosphere. We wanted something where we could have the horizon color smoothly differ from the sky color, with colorable clouds. Using some tricks involving a billboardgui, a sliced inverted sky sphere with an alpha gradient, beams and some other tricks, we managed to get something that looks pretty decent.

Here’s a couple videos of a sunset and sunrise in our project :slight_smile:


Nice! This looks very clean and atmospheric.


I assume in the release of the game it’ll be a little slower, but at that speed it almost looks a bit choppy/unnatural, at least for me. Overlooking that though it’s a darn cool effect.


Oh yeah I forgot to mention the timecycle speed is sped up 5x in this lol


Looks fantastic! Wish the default sky system would get an overhaul to be more modern (maybe something like the Unity default sky would be nicer). The use of ambient sounds is also really nice in both those clips too, looking forward to seeing more from this project.


RDC '18 had talks of redoing the sky system to include dynamic clouds and stuff.


Amazing! I know that this isn’t the point of this topic, but the snow in the second video looks incredible! Far better than some of the other precipitation systems that get the rain to move with you. :heart:


I adorne thee Tyridge the Weather Lord :crossed_swords:.

But seriously, this is legendary! Been checking out a lot of the Wild West’s progress over twitter and discord :eyes:. This is easily triple-A quality. Ahah modern problems need modern solutions. :wink: This has to be one of the most complex tricks pulled off, and it looks absolutely jaw-dropping-ly awesome. Can’t wait for release :star_struck:!


What is this game
I wanna play


This is the upcoming game “The Wild West,” it is an accelerator/incubator game led by Tyridge and Tamara_X. Centred around the Wild West and cowboys (in case its not obvious). Its still in active development, but you can check out more news about it on their Discord:

They’re doing some incredibely cool stuff :eyes:!

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Oh snap, that’s hella dope, I love the transitions between each sky, and i dig the sounds too!


How did you change the color of the sky sphere? I UV unwrapped a sliced sphere, inverted the faces, and made the alpha gradient texture; however, it will not let me change the color.

That’s really nice, especially the sunset. Any release date for the game?


We’re going to release most likely in a couple months or so :slight_smile:

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Our sky spheres are SpecialMeshes. We use its vertex color property to recolor the alpha gradient

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That looks great! The atmospheric sounds you have going on are great too.

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I have to say, I give props, this is really nice!
Did you use some sort of hollow sphere or something? I’m curious to know how you pulled this off

Those sky gradients are :fire:. Nice to know I’m not the only one doing weird sky tricks :stuck_out_tongue:

May as well share my own sky trick here too: for Project Vox, I used a combination of parts and fog to create my sky. No skybox needed!

The way my effect works is pretty simple since I don’t have to account for lighting and shadows (brightness 0, ambient 255,255,255, globalshadows off):

  • set the fog to be a light sky blue
  • create a large solid inverted sphere, material and colour doesn’t matter. It needs to be large enough to be completely hidden by the fog, which will leave you with a solid colour sky
  • create a plane above the player with a dark sky blue and smoothplastic material
  • (optional) create a second plane below the player with a deep blue and smoothplastic material (good if you want to simulate an ocean or some other effect)

Just position all of that relative to the camera position at every frame et voila! This also gets you the benefit of not having that weird sharp transition between foggy objects and the sky.


Awesome, smart mix i’d say :grin:

Wait a minute… That looks familiar.