Cool Stylized Tree Feedback!

I just made som cool stylized trees, and would like some feedback! Please take the following in your feedback:

  1. Any color changes, even the slightest ones
  2. Any shape/size changes, even the slightest ones
  3. And texture changes, even the slightest ones.



they just look like you put textures on a block which probably is what you did but it looks awful, I would probably add individual leaves near the edges (just a couple) so it look less kinda flat (I just dunno how to explain what looks off) also if you’re gonna stylize the leaves, maybe add a stylized tree trunk texture too (and change the colors so it looks more easy on my eyes)


No words, same exact reply like my man @sam_0987654321best did…

I really like the colors and textures you have selected. It definitely looks low poly and I overall adore this. Great job! :slight_smile:


i feel like i should increase leaf size perhaps? But tbh i like this style.

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also, that’s kind of the point.HOW TO MAKE STYLIZED TREES! | ROBLOX Studio / Blender - YouTube
look at this
similar approach

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Love the style! Very interesting, although the trunk and braches look a bit weird. But the leaves are nice.


Nice tree. How long did it take to make?


Good work! But me feel some really coloruf look textures(not trunk)


They look pretty cool! Way better than I could make, but I think you should change the shape of the model the leaf textures are on.

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each took around 5 minutes, 10 minutes lol.

I got used to the method, so I’m faster.

hm, interesting. Into what shape exactly?

Probably a oval or maybe a wavy circle, something like this would look cool.

well, it would be hard for me to change. it took me a few hours in total to get that done ;-;

so I should make it more round, basically?

yeah, would look pretty good if it was round.

I am definitely not a pro modeler, but I think those trees look really good! Some of the branches look a little funky though…but if you made a park with these, that would be cool!


I think that in a game, this could work if you’re going for a cartoony kind of style, and for me personally, this does work. But I doubt that this kind of design would work for everyone.

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In my opinion, the one in the video looks much better than yours.