Advanced modeler looking for one tycoon scripter! 30% and above share! STILL OPEN

Hello! I am an 8/10 3d modeler looking for a tycoon scripter. The reason is: well, I can’t script, but I can 3d model. I would love for a scripter to join me! Our first tycoon idea can even be debated.
You can check out my portfolio and my work by clicking on my profile and so on. Feel free to dig through my posts :slight_smile:
some of my work:

As a scripter, you should keep these in mind before contacting me:

  1. I’m looking for a scripter that can stay with me for many games, many tycoons, not just this one.
  2. Payment can be discussed, as it is fluid meaning it can be changed. Remember: this is percentage share!
  3. you should know most aspects on advanced tycoons, like datasave, GUI, etc. I am also a 2d artist btw :wink:

I look forward to our journey ahead. Thanks for reading!
My contact:
Discord: coolguyweir#9679
Hangouts: (Please dm me your email here on devforum so I can accept ur hangouts)


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