CoolBoi the footballer! [GFX]


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I’m being paid for this one

If anyone else would like a GFX, contact me at my portfolio!


Was this made in blender or studio?


It looks like Studio to me, mostly because of the pixelated edges on the character, as well as the lighting.

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and the outfit too. in blender it has a different format of moving rigs. so its roblox studio.


You are correct. This was made in Studio and then edited in a photo editing software with some effects from Blender.
I can’t use Blender for rigging because my device is a potato at Blender.


nice you may take your time to get into blender gfx it took too much time for me also roblox studio gfx isnt much bad but its nice. keep doing nice works like this! :smiley:

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The scaling on this is completely off and the graphics are kind of bad. I strongly suggest using blender. Trust me, when you get good at blender theyll start to look really good.


You could try learning how to draw over roblox characters because if you don’t have a render engine when making these it’s just going to be low quality. Here’s an example, I believe they use photoshop but krita can work too:


I said I couldn’t use Blender for anything besides modelling. Even when doing that I suffer from lag.
But @geedcat that sounds like quite a good idea. Which would you recommend?

@Yawyawalpaca333 what do you mean by the scaling being off?
Are you talking about the FOV? I set it to 100 on purpose.

Do you have, like, I dunno, a tutorial?

It’s really low quality, too bright and the character is just a “free stuff noob” to be perfectly transparent.

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It’s someone else’s roblox avatar. They asked me to do this for them
EDIT: and could you all be more specific instead of saying ‘low quality’ That’s very vague and I’m asking for feedback so I can do better. Simply saying: “low quality” doesn’t help my case.

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I have 2 options.
Suck it out in Blender regardless of the lag.
Or do what @geedcat said. I just need a tutorial.
EDIT: I know what to do now. I’m going to use Blender for the rigging and basic lightin, and then use Photoshop for the rest.

About that, I’ve been trying to find an alternate editor other than photoshop I used pixel e or x mostly. But they aren’t the best, are there Amy tutorials on using Keira to edit your GFx?

Oh I just discovered that Photoshop costs money. :’(
EDIT: Maybe I’ll continue using Photopea?
EDIT: Or Pixlr?

I understand that you set it there, but you look at the football helmet it is much smaller than everything else.

What was so I could fit it under the arm.
I decided to put up with the crashing and use Blender to make another one.
It’s the latest topic in Cool Creations.

there are alot of tutorials online for krita (Used for drawing mostly), if you want to edit mostly like color grading and photomanip I would use the latest version of gimp

You can use krita to learn to draw over them
Krita | Digital Painting. Creative Freedom.