Copy developer console logs?

The current developer console log cannot be copied.

Is there a possible way? And is there a solution?

I want to copy these strings


Greetings! :smile:

Instead of attempting to copy that directly in-game, try copying that with Roblox studio’s output.

I can’t do that.
Because it is using TeleportService:ReserveServer().
It cannot be called from Roblox Studio.

Any solutions??

I want to copy!

I do not exactly know what you mean but I will need help with this on my game.

Can you click Ctrl + A and then Ctrl + C?
Maybe type it out manually?

Possibly a script that prints it out?

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I need to place a remote event…
And the code too.

! Troublesome !

Ctrl+C Doesn’t work…
Also I can’t select text too

I don’t think I can find another answer.
@SeemSuusy2 Thanks for supporting me

But if its in a plugin. It can be called.

Why was this topic revived after 8 months?
I also found the actual UI for the DevConsole, which can be found here. (Not scripted)

You can have a custom developer console.

See LogService

You can use LogService.MessageOut to connect when messages in output are sent. And LogService:GetLogHistory to get all the previous logs.

If you want to connect to an event when an error in a game script happens use ScriptContext.Error

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Thank you for your answer, but this post is 8 months old and I don’t need answer anymore.