Copy-Paste breaking across the operating system (Windows 10)

Well, I have done this many times and so far have not had any issues. I have had issues with roblox crashing on start unrelated to the clip command. You must have a 3rd party program like an old version of FPS Unlocker open which is making roblox crash. I say older version because an update may have messed up a version of it.

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Copy and pasting is completely broken on the Windows App and cannot be fixed by clearing the clipboard. It seems to work fine everywhere else.

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This is still happening, even after 3 years. I honestly wish this was fixed as I tend to leave Roblox open for a long time and I use the clipboard very frequently. I don’t usually save stuff I have on my clipboard to save space on my machine, so this is a very annoying issue. I can understand that you can run a command to clear the clipboard, but it is a pain to do so.


This issue is still occurring to this day. I copied one number and it breaks after pasting it one time.

This isn’t limited to Windows 10. It’s happening again and on Windows 11 22H2 as well, being a result of updates to the Snipping Tool and Clipboard apparently.

Microsoft will fix it eventually and this can happen sporadically, for any reason related to attempting to copy information between two separate apps. Hopefully it’ll be addressed as part of a Security Patch rather than in 23H1

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This is completely inacceptable, I have to close Roblox client everytime I accidently paste an image in order to get my ability to paste things anywhere on the operating system. This has been happening for over 3 years now and yet no fix.

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This problem has was first reported in 2016 and is a problem to this day. This is just unacceptable!
I have to teach people about the temporary fix every time and have been doing that since 2017.

Each time I tell them that they are always so grateful and then go on to tell me stories about how they reboot their entire system because they didn’t realise it was Roblox causing the problem.

Just had the bug happen again even in Windows 11, this really needs to be fixed.

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It’s really absurd that throughout my whole development career this bug hasn’t been fixed. Come on guys! This is insane!


I have quite literally memorized cmd /c"echo off|clip" due to this issue. Why are applications even allowed to hog the clipboard like this, bug or not?

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I noticed that when this bug is happening, you cannot take a screenshot on Windows 11 (and probably 10) with the snipping tool. It freezes while trying to save the image to the clipboard. So if anybody has that glitch with the snipping tool, it’s because of roblox! (copy any text in roblox to fix)

There is a cut and dry way to replicate this and the staff have seen it, but unfortunately there was never a follow up from them.

This issue also happens with Roblox Studio, and some might have noticed that attempting to copy anything after using studio breaks the clipboard entirely.

I believe this issue happens because when you copy something inside of studio, that information is stored in the Windows clipboard, in which only Roblox Studio recognizes. (A data type that Windows based operating systems of any version cannot recognize basically).

Keep in mind, copying text inside studio then quitting doesn’t cause the issue. Only when you copy Instances (such as BaseParts, or TextLabel objects that are unique to the Roblox Studio program) does this issue ever occur.

When Roblox Studio is closed, this information is not cleared from the clipboard. Attempting to copy any data to replace it won’t work, as the clipboard no longer responds to any copy-paste changes.

The only way to clear the clipboard is to run this command in a Windows command prompt: echo off | clip. If run in a Powershell window, it seems to put “off” as text into the clipboard, but it still fixes the issue.

The reason why this fixes the issue is because Windows manually rewrites any data written into the clipboard with nothing. You could tell windows to manually write any data into the clipboard, but as long as the Roblox data type is no longer taking up the clipboard, copy and paste works normally.

These are mainly just theories from my own testing, and they seem the most logical imo. In a way, this is a Windows issue, but also a Roblox issue for not clearing clipboard data when the executable (RobloxPlayerBeta.exe or RobloxStudioBeta.exe) is closed.

This wouldn’t be an issue in the slightest in normal cases, it would just not work/paste. Copying something else or screenshotting should overwrite it, but instead it never gets added to the clipboard ([Windows Key + V] to view it). The only way to unlock it has been to copy text in Roblox or through the other two methods I mentioned.

Is the copy/paste bug in Studio vs the regular application different? Otherwise they both have the same fixes (three (possibly more)). The bug with RobloxPlayer quite literally locks your clipboard so if you take a screenshot after it, it won’t let you paste it till you force RobloxPlayer to let go of it.

EDIT: It is worth noting that closing RobloxPlayer unlocks the clipboard and fixes the problem. So yes, it is literally locking it from the looks of it.

Oh sorry, there probably are more than one method but such methods require the game client to be open, as previously described in the very first post:

You would have to open back up a Roblox application to clear the clipboard if it was left corrupted.

Closing Roblox Studio doesn’t seem to release the clipboard from whatever lock.

Regardless, Roblox should look into detecting when the closing of the app occurs (they know how because they made that terrible Escape Menu beta app thing) and promptly clear the clipboard.

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this still happens and its so annoying

This issue still occurs, makes it incredibly annoying when trying to paste into the clunky f9 server console